RIP Rocky

Posted: April 28, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Best damn dog I ever had.

Rocky the Rottweiler

3/1/2002- 4/28/2015

May you rest in peace buddy.



  1. Kerodin says:

    Losing members of the family who spend their lives giving you everything they have while never asking for anything but your love is as hard as it gets – at least that has been my experience. K


    • gamegetterII says:

      Yeah,it sucks,I was sitting on the floor next to him making sure he had pillows in the right places so he could breathe ok,talking to him,and petting him when he died-I admit it-I cried like a little girl-then we all took turns and said something about him before one of the kids said a prayer,and we put him in the ground.
      I dug out my headlamp, and went outside at 2am and started digging his grave-daughter and son in law came out to help,took till 4 am to dig through the tree roots,clay,rocks etc.
      After 13 years-it’s like losing one of our kids.
      He had a seizure yesterday late morning,seemed to be okay for a while,then he had a stroke around midnight-couldn’t even get up-so I just sat with him.


  2. Condolences my friend. My best dog was rottie to… he only made to 8.


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