Baltimore Cop on Why there are Riots, “I Blame the Department..they arrested Gray for some BullS***”

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Baltimore, MD — In a comment that is sure to make waves in the department, a Baltimore cop dished out some heavy handed honesty.

Puja Patel, from the Concourse, interviewed two of the riot police officers on the scene in Baltimore Tuesday. What they had to say was quite candid and something that many of us already know. However, hearing it from the source is considerably more powerful.

Patel asked the officers “if what happened yesterday was possibly instigated by the mere presence of the police at Mondawmin Mall.”

One officer explained how they gather intel on individuals through spying on people with fake social media accounts. The reason they were at the Mondawmin Mall Monday, according to police, was in response to a meme going around on social media that called for a “purge.”
The officer responded to the question by saying,

[The police department] follows people on social media. They have fake Twitter accounts and fake Instagram accounts, they know to watch certain trends, so they saw that and it’s heated. They are going to make sure that’s watched.

Another officer held no punches as he described why the people are angry.

I blame the department and let me tell you why. They praise rookie officers. They’ll go around making a 100 arrests a month, and they’ll praise them. These rookie officers will do anything to get an arrest because they want more praise, you know what I’m saying? This is the result of it. They arrested Gray for some bullshit. That arrest was the weakest thing I’ve seen in my life. They do things like that and then what we see happening now happens. They can say anything to anyone to lock them up because they want an arrest. I don’t think they hurt him or messed him up, that’s what I truly think, but I do think they should have called a medic.

While this cop didn’t blame his fellow officers for Gray’s death, his honesty about the ridiculous nature of police harassment confirms something that those of us in the police accountability movement know all too well.

Cops prey on the poor through the enforcement of victimless crimes to fund the system. 

The reality of this situation is that #FreddieGray was a mathematical certainty. It wasn’t a matter of if it was going to happen, but when.

Cops in America have killed thousands of men, women and children over non-crimes. The people are fed up with watching their family members fall victim to trigger-happy police officers. Even this officer knows it!

Poor people in America are kept in an almost perpetual state of decline by this system. This decline continues in spite of the plethora of government programs ostensibly in place to help the poor while in reality they do far more harm than good.

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