Of Wolves, Bears, and Birds

Posted: May 12, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

On a scrabble board the word regret will only yield you seven measly points, but in real life regret can come with an enormous price tag. In 1991 when my phone rang in my Indiana dorm room the voice on the other end of the line was a reporter from my local hometown newspaper, the Jackson Hole Guide back in Wyoming. The gal wanted to know about a report that I had seen a wolf at the top of Togwotee pass late one snowing blizzard of night while I was home for Christmas break. At that time, the wolves had technically not been reintroduced to Yellowstone, but reports about wolf sightings had been circulating around the area and I’m sure the reporter thought I was just some snot nosed college kid who wouldn’t know the difference between a wolf and a bulldog. The dead air on the other end of the line was nearly deafening when I explained to her that I had grown up with wolves at my grandfather’s house down near Wilson where he had a compound with about a dozen of the Canadian beasts under captivity. What I saw that night in my headlights was without a doubt a big Canadian Gray wolf with an orange radio collar around its neck, no question about it. Most of the people who read the article doubted my account of the sighting, and that’s okay. At the time I just laughed it off and went back to proving some ridiculous thermodynamic law.

Those were different times. They were, let’s call it BWR, “Before Wolf Reintroduction.” There was a lot of apathy in the hunting community during that period. Some hunters and outdoorsman thought wolf introduction might even be a good idea, and some vehemently despised even the mere thought of the idea. I found myself in the later category of course, but calculus and trigonometry dominated my spare time at that point in time in my life. I think we can almost all agree, that we should have done more; more as hunters and outdoorsman to try and push our politicians to stop the largest wildlife genocide in over 100 years. To think that we now have an entire generation of hunters now living among us that has never set eyes on the type of elk and moose herds that we enjoyed during our childhood is very sad. We should have done more, stood together, spoke up as a unified front against what was about to happen. We now know all to well, that our politicians and even our state and local officials don’t always have our best interests in mind when it comes to sound wildlife management. They say they do in speeches, press conferences and newspaper articles, but when push comes to shove, the federal government always seems to get what it wants.

Read the rest @ http://www.eastmans.com/blog/of-wolves-bears-and-birds

Then go here…


And sign the petition to stop the sage grouse from getting endangered species act protection-if this happens-it will make the spotted owl clusterfuck seem like it was nothing-it’s that bad- for more info on the subject go here…


And here…

Mule Deer

Sign the petition-the animals “rights” whackos,combined with the enviro-nazis,and organized groups like NRDC,Earth First,Earthjustice,HSUS,Sierra Club,and the rest of the usual suspects want to control ALL hunting in a multi-state area.

This would devastate many local economies in S.D.,N.D., Wyoming, Montana,eastern Washington and Oregon,Idaho,parts of Colorado,Commieforinia,Utah…

If these douchenozzles get ESA protections for sage grouse-those of us who are big game hunters will be screwed blued and tattooed-or worse.

Stand up,speak out-because if we don’t there’s gonna be millions of acres of public land closed to ALL hunting-fishermen will get fucked over out of the deal as well-so go to the Big Game Forever link,sign the petition,write.e-mail,phone and fax your congresscritter-We-as in every one of us who values hunting-and wants to continue to hunt deer,elk,antelope and moose-speak up-say something-do something-put a stop to this horsepucky before it’s too late-at least send an e-mail and call-even if you get some young kid who’s fresh out of the leftist indoctrination camps that our public schools have become-TALK to them,get your point across-let them know WHY it’s an issue-why it’s wrong to abuse the ESA in order to help the enviro-nazis and animal “rights” “extremists” do this.

At the bare minimum-sign the petition @


Let’s stop these people before it’s too late,and they get all hunting on public lands banned by abusing the endangered species act.

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