Gun Bans No Longer Enough; Now They Want to Ban Gun Information

Posted: May 15, 2015 by gamegetterII in anti-gun asshattery
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In a lawsuit filed by the Second Amendment Foundation a week ago, the group is challenging the State Department’s claimed power to ban the dissemination of data that the regime finds dangerous. This stems from the State Department’s insistence that in releasing the CAD (Computer Aided Design) files for using 3-D printers to make operable firearms from plastic, the innovators and liberty advocates of Defense Distributed violated the International Traffic in Arms law.

That would seem something of a stretch. ITAR was intended to outlaw trafficking in sophisticated weapons–not single-shot, low-powered, inaccurate, and fragile pistols–and even that is more than Defense Distributed “trafficked,” which was, after all, merely the ones and zeros of digital data that tell the printer what to do. In other words, the lawsuit argues, this is a First Amendment issue, because the government is attempting to criminalize Defense Distributed’s (and founder Cody Wilson’s) expression of thoughts–information that alarms the government.

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