The Cost of Secrecy, by Waqas Mirza

Posted: May 27, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

“In Pakistan the need to silence journalists and critics is largely prompted by the necessity of hiding the state’s collaboration with the U.S. drone program.”

Coming soon to your city or town.


Get with the Pakistani and Yemeni governments’ drone programs, which are supported by the US government, or get abducted, incarcerated, convicted, tortured, murdered, or some combination of the above. A disturbing article from Waqas Mirza, at

Early last year, Pakistani anti-drone activist Kareem Khan received an unannounced visit at his Rawalpindi home from over a dozen unidentified men, some in police uniforms. He was subsequently abducted without being offered any explanation and, over the course of the next nine days, interrogated about his anti-drone work and tortured. After a local court ordered Pakistan’s intelligence agencies to produce Khan he was released and told not to speak to the media.

Khan was due to travel to Europe to testify before parliamentarians about a December 2009 U.S. drone strike on his North Waziristan home that killed his brother and son along with a local stonemason staying with his family. He had…

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