This, That, The Other, Now With More Robots

Posted: June 14, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

According To Hoyt

girl-320262_1280Good morning Huns, Hoydens, Rapscallions, Dragons and Creatures of ill-repute.  This morning I woke up to Peter Grant’s blog and news of a robot-army. 

This is the money-quote:

They reportedly believe the current backlash against that company is basically ‘manufactured outrage’, deliberately stirred up by Vox Day (whose name is allegedly an expletive there now).  Some have even asserted that the thousands of e-mails complaining about Irene Gallo’s statement aren’t genuine, but the product of a bot-net, a manufactured wave of pseudo-indignation that has no foundation in reality.  Apparently Macmillan and others involved aren’t so sure about that, but it’s a defense the SJW’s are using with might and main.  It’s also apparently why almost none of us have had any acknowledgment of our complaints, not even a notification that our e-mails have been received.  (Some correspondents who requested confirmation when their e-mails were opened have received it;  others have…

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