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Posted: June 16, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Spinning Waco

Either the Waco police are lying or the eyewitnesses are. Apparently, a deliberate disinformation campaign began about 45 minutes after the deadly biker massacre in the Twin Peaks restaurant parking lot in Waco on May 17. One must use the word “apparently” because that is how disinformation works.

Three separate narratives describe what happened that day: The official police version which has been most widely parroted by the press; the Cossacks version; and the strikingly consistent version told by everybody else including members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.

Police Version

The police version has been riddled with inconsistencies and has had the further disadvantage of being mostly told by self righteous and ill informed Sergeant W. Patrick Swanton.

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  1. Brittius says:

    Apparently… Something is screwed up, so the term is used not to commit to anything and leave room for investigation, evidence, and so forth. Pathology reports and forensic ballistic reports. Biker gangs, and they are gangs, are noted for violence and other crime, so why doesn’t anyone ask the police and the bikers if they would volunteer for a polygraph test? What’s the harm? The article is the first that I am learning of any M4 being discharged and that in itself, requires an added measure of perhaps Texas ranger investigation or bring in the FBI. A civilian would be hanged by the thumbs, so why not examine the legislature of Texas, and why they, enact laws that make some turn into crybabies rather than protesting and presenting their grievances to legislators, themselves? Of couse, it could be because certain individuals are nothing more than a criminal element, whether they wear badges or colors.


    • gamegetterII says:

      There was 5.56 brass all over the place on day one-many pics on the interwebz.
      Polygraph tests are not all that accurate-which is why they’re not admissible in court.

      Here’s a possibility-or possibilities-
      1) DEA,BATFEIEIO,FBI,Texas Rangers et-al had multiple informants in the Cossacks,Scimitars,or one of the other smaller clubs present,and were worried they’d get outed,so they started shooting anyone with a “weapon” after the alleged “scuffle” broke out.

      2) DEA,BATFEIEIO,FBI,DHS,Texas Rangers et-al “informants” started the alleged “scuffle” so the bikers could be arrested en masse-but someone,or someones had itchy trigger fingers.
      3) One of the Patched Club members did pop off a couple handgun rounds-then the .gov inc. “snipers” all started firing at once.
      The owners of the Mexican restaurant claim thousands of rounds were fired,with many lodged in their walls,and bullet holes in customers cars.

      4) Whatvever federales were present actually did murder the 9 guys who were shot and killed,or WACO PD’s “12 rounds” killed the 9 guys.
      Something stinks-big time,it doesn’t matter what anyone’s opinion of patched 1% club members is-if they were just executed by whoever opened fire-then the badged gang members need to be locked up with million dollar bails.
      Plus the media needs to stop with the “bikers are all criminals” bullshit-because not all clubs are criminal gangs-past Bandidos,Hells Angels,Outlaws,Mongols,et-al’s occasional transgressions aside.
      Not every guy who rides is a convicted felon,a criminal,dope dealer,etc.


      • Brittius says:

        Did not know about 5.56 brass; That indicates they were shooting dirty pool, or “shaking the trees”. A very dangerous think to do. I’m riding since 1969, I know all about the biker culture, and the groups involved, are not choir boys. I’ve had bikers act badly and threaten me when on my Road King Classic, but they backed off. My partner arrested one in colors, coming from a homicide and we recovered the murder weapon. Are some nice guys? Like cops, there are good and bad in the mix, unfortunately. My position is that something needs to be done regarding the Texas event, that would either Put Up, or, Shut Up. Too many giving lip and none of us has the Truth of what happened. Magic Fairy Dust doesn’t work either, so the polygraph test might be helpful. I failed one when they said that I was not truthful about my name! I understand what you say about inaccurate but maybe it is the machinery or settings of the operator? I’m not a polygraph expert. Maybe bring in Maury.., “You be the Daddy!”.., Huh?


      • gamegetterII says:

        I’m sure there plenty of video that’s not being released,and it’s a reasonable bet that it’s not being released to protect informants,or the cops who emptied mags into the guys.
        I failed a polygraph for a job on the question of what city was I born in-don’t trust them at all.
        I think WACO PD believes if they stall long enough-everyone will forget about the “incident”.
        Maybe at some point soon,we’ll get the video,witnesses from both sides and public,and be able to piece together what took place.

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      • Brittius says:

        Informants and plants… Good point.

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