While the left is erasing history…

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When are they going to dig up the body of one of their own…

Dig Up

When are they going to tear down the Jefferson memorial,the Washington monument,and the White House,since slaves were used to build it,and both Washington and Jefferson were slave owners?

The continued war on history is being waged by the left,so they can re-write history and vilify southern white,Christian males,it never had anything to do with the Confederate battle flag-they want to erase the history of white men,who were anywhere to the right of Stalin,and attempt to create their own version of reality-using a parade of genetic defects and sexual deviants who represent less than 2% of the population.

When will they stop with this bullshit?

Just as soon as people start telling them that we don’t give a rats hairy ass about you being offended. All this bullshit about erasing history,creating new “civil rights” for genetic defects and sexual deviants,banning prayer in public meetings,removing anything that could possibly be construed as relating to Christianity from any public building-while allowing sick,twisted “art” to be displayed in these same public buildings-a cross in a jar of piss,depictions of homosexual acts,satanic symbols are displayed next to the monuments depicting the Ten Commandments,partial birth abortions are allowed on demand,12 year olds can have intrauterine birth control devices implanted without their parents knowing about it,courtesy of their public schools-but they can not pray in those schools.

Despite volumes of published,peer-reviewed studies that show the traditional family structure of a mother and a father is far better for children,and same sex “parents” are harmful to children-SCOTUS created a brand new “right” for these genetic defects and sexual deviants to marry-someone on the left must have pics of goat porn involving a couple of members of SCOTUS-because there is no right for gays to marry in our Constitution. There is also nothing whatsoever about separation of church and state in our Constitution,all it states is that the government can not establish a religion..

The rest of us are supposed to be able to worship as we see fit-that would include our children reading the Bible at school,saying grace before meals at school,etc.

That also includes the right to refuse to bake a cake for two lesbians,or two homosexuals,or any of the transgendered abominations prancing around.

Back to the war on the Confederate battle flag,it was removed from the S.C. statehouse grounds with barely a whimper from the patriot community in S.C.

Now,the flag is a banned in Confederate cemeteries,on Confederate memorial day,Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest, and his wife’s remains are going to be dug up and removed from a city park in Memphis-along with a statue of the man.

When does it stop?

There are cries from the left to remove anything and everything related to the Confederacy from public-they’re re-naming parks,buildings,schools-hell why don’t they just re-name counties,cities and towns while they’re at it-can’t have any cities or towns with Washington’s name-he was a slaveowner,same with Jefferson,next they will be changing the names of streets.

I’m ordering a new battle flag,and it’s going to be displayed in the front of the house.

That is what people need to do to stop this leftist bullshit-along with pulling their kids out of the leftist indoctrination camps of public K-12 schools.

Fly the battle flag of the army of northern Virginia at your house-make it symbol of resistance to leftist social engineering-think about it-the entire LGBT defect and deviant parade makes up less than 2% of the population,yet the left’s non-stop blathering about “gay rights”,the bombardment on the tee vee of shows featuring these deviants makes it appear that there is wide support for not only the 2% of the population that falls into the LGBT parade of defects,deviants,and sexual predators,but widespread support for destroying white,Christian,southern culture.

The left is getting away with all this bullshit because no one who is opposed to it says anything about it.

Time to stand up !

Time to speak out !

Time to resist !

Read this:


And this:


And this:


And this

And this

And this

And this

Then  do this




Do PT !

Resist-no matter what.     Sorry if any of ya'll take offense but I couldn't help it...love me some Johnny Cash!


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