Focus on the 25M target.

Posted: July 28, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

I see the same shit everyday-today,I could have stolen all the AC repair guy’s tools,along with his truck that he left the keys in.
The only things he would have had left were his tool belt,his AC gauges,and his “smart” phone that he never looked up from.
The guy walked right past me-never looked up from his phone-went straight to the back of the condo next door.
He’s got no idea who I am-all my tools are around the side of the condo I’m working on,he had no way of seeing that from the road-so he had no way of knowing who I was.
I could have just been some 6’1″ long haired,tattooed guy just out of prison,looking to steal a truck full of tools.


We were in town getting groceries this evening, and I witnessed two separate instances that made me physically ill with disgust.

Produce section of the local hippie grocery store:

As we’re walking in, I caught a black shirt with POLICE written in bold white letters across the upper back. Looking closer, I understood why it was so eye-catching: the shirt HAD to be a minimum of XXXL. Dude was an easy 150# overweight, with Dunlap Disease impacting his duty belt. As we walked through the produce section, we crossed paths with this dude and his young, skinny son. The LEO (with his duty belt on still) was looking through the pre-cut fruit selection, with his back to the world, including me. As a—relatively risky—experiment, I actually bumped into him from behind, with my shoulder, on his gun side.

Even when I followed it with, “Oh, excuse me. Sorry about that.”…

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