Mass Feeding Project

Posted: July 29, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Originally posted on WRSA Here

This effort is to fund the establishment of a Mobile Kitchen facility. We already have the Surplus US Army Kitchen trailer shown on this site but we need more equipment and gear to get this effort off the ground. The intent is to have a unit that will be able to move from location to location and provide cooking in support of 300 to 500 people. This unit will attend festivals, political, and private events and help raise money for multiple efforts through the sales of food.

We are looking to procure additional equipment that we need to meet health and safety regulations and provide the ability to move the trailer from location to location.

Fundraiser link Here

I am helping with this project,as is another guy who has 35 years experience running the kitchens in some of the best hotels in the country,as the executive chef,combined with the 20 plus years I spent running hotel and private country club kitchens as executive chef,that’s 50 years plus of following all the proper procedures for sanitation,prep,cooking,holding,and serving food to large groups of people.

This is a worthwhile project,by a serious Patriot.The MKT will be up and running soon,but he needs some more equipment to be able to utilize the MKT to it’s full potential.

Donations of restaurant grade pots,pans,serving utensils,cooking utensils,full and half sheet pans,full and half hotel pans-(steam table pans)- 2″ and 4″ will help also.

Please consider a donation to this project,even a small donation will help-as small donations add up quickly.


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