Mass Feeding Project

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This very worthy project has only raised $160.00? WTF? That’s pathetic. We’re on a really tight budget-but I kicked in $25.00-if just the readers on my site kicked in $5.00,it would help-if 1/2 of WRSA readers kicked $5.00 in-the goal would be met quickly. Come on people-we’re supposed to be working together here-what if the MKT was the only option you had for a hot meal? You had all better hope that if/when things get sporty,or the grid goes down-there’s someone in your AO that has a MKT or similar set-up,and that they have some people who know what they’re doing as far as cooking for large groups without getting people sick. When a SHTF/Grid down/WROL scenario happens-if you have people trying to feed large groups who have never done so-they WILL get people sick. These guys have the right idea-hell,they bought the damn thing-myself,and another chef are helping to get this project going-and to insure that everything is done correctly,so no one gets sick from improper food handling/prep/cooking//holding/serving. Please consider a donation-even if it’s only $10.00-hell even $5.00-it will add up quick.

Starvin Larry

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This effort is to fund the establishment of a Mobile Kitchen facility. We already have the Surplus US Army Kitchen trailer shown on this site but we need more equipment and gear to get this effort off the ground. The intent is to have a unit that will be able to move from location to location and provide cooking in support of 300 to 500 people. This unit will attend festivals, political, and private events and help raise money for multiple efforts through the sales of food.

We are looking to procure additional equipment that we need to meet health and safety regulations and provide the ability to move the trailer from location to location.

Fundraiser link here

I am helping with this project,as is another guy who has 35 years experience running the kitchens in some of the best hotels in the…

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