The Best Days of the Rut 2015

Posted: October 29, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Via Field& Stream

You know that the biggest bucks will be tearing up the woods, smashing heads, and running does everywhere. The only questions are: how will you hunt and when? Here are the seven days you must be in your stand.

Day 1: October 27
This day will kick-start pre-rut activity across much of the country, particularly in the Northeast, North-­Central, and Great Plains regions, as bucks start trolling hard in search of that first hot doe. Farther south and west, bucks will be increasingly active within their core areas. While it may seem early for midday hunting, the full moon will make that 11-to-1 window a killer time to be out if it’s cold.

Day 2: November 6
There’s bound to be a doe or two popping in the northern regions today, and you can bet that the most experienced studs will be cruising to find them. Meanwhile, across the West and into parts of the southern regions, bucks should be focused on seeking does. All across the country, the moon will be up in the daytime sky for much of the day; activity should be high, notably so in the morning.

Day 3: November 11 
The deer woods will be on fire today. Most of the country is on the cusp of peak breeding—the magical time when some breeding has started, and there are new does coming into heat by the hour. Much of the southern regions will see ramped-up pre-rut action, too. And the moon will be up all day.

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