Team Contact Drill Basics

Posted: November 9, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Something everyone should know,or learn,understand,and practice until it’s second nature and you just perform the tasks without having to think about it.
Practice it over and over and over-as many times as it takes,then keep practicing, as it is a perishable skill.
The more you practice/train,the better of you and your team will be when things get sporty.



Watch this clip from Bravo Two Zero:

It’s a really bad movie, showcasing some really bad techniques, about a really bad Patrol that was doomed from the start. Still, I include it because it’s a simple, easy to see demonstration of an essential Team Drill.

What Just Happened Here?

B2-0 got compromised by a child shepherd who stumbled upon them. They had negative radio contact(remember what we do when that happens?) while searching for Scuds in Northern Iraq during Gulf War I. Instead of subduing the kid, he runs away and finds an Iraqi Army patrol. Instead of caching or demoing rucks, keeping Line 2 kit, and moving to the RV site and releasing the child when they got picked up, they Charlie Miked forward and found themselves in contact with a superior Mechanized force. It’s one reason to carry a SMAW-D.

What they did right(or rather, the BBC sorta…

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  1. Centurion_Cornelius says:

    Hey! The boys at the Ravenna Arsenal practice this day in and day out.

    Why shouldn’t we?



    • gamegetterII says:

      We should practice day in and day out-then many of us would be better at it than a lot of the Guard and reserve units that train at the arsenal.
      I had a friend who was there for a few years-he was a mechanic and his unit got the arsenal job after they came back from Afghanistan.
      Used to be allowed to bowhunt there any time I wanted to – until they sent the unit somewhere else.
      There’s a lot of deer out there,we all got at least 2 a year from the woods at the arsenal.


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