A Couple of Thoughts on Leadership

Posted: November 10, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


1SG FireBreather: “What’s the Definition of a NCO?

SPC Kickstand: “A Leader, 1SG!”


If you’re reading this blog, I’d like to thank you on a personal level. The ability to share what I’ve learned and hopefully teach others is a blessing and a humbling experience. Let this knowledge not be wasted.

It’s also very likely that you’re the Leader, in one way or another, of your prospective group, be it in an embryonic phase or if you have your teams up and running. Whether you’re simply a casual reader or a fire-hardened Vet fed up with the direction things are going, there’s going to come a day where you find yourself in that moment. You don’t get to choose- when the fates decide it’s go time, you do or die, not to reason why.

The NCO is the backbone of any element- he’s that connection between Joe Snuffy and LT…

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