Musings on a Declining Empire

Posted: November 24, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


Black Friday approaches, Turkey threatens to drag the world into World War III, what’s left of American governance continues to slide into moral decay, and the whole shitshow threatens to come apart at the seams. But it’s time for stuff.

There are times when I get in my car in the morning, pop the clutch and trudge down the highway, on my way to a cubicle, 5 by 5, and wonder what the point of everything really is. I don’t live in a civilization that much resembles that of my father, or my grandfather. I hate saying “it was different back then” but in my case, it really was different.

My country is a parody of civilization. Come to Disney. Tour the world in these pathetic little ride carts made in the 70s. It’s a Small World. See the Scandinavian Oil Rigs. Eat some shit thrown together in a food stand by someone claiming to be “international” or something.

Ride past Best Buy and see throngs of people camping out for a good deal on a TV or an iPad. To Hell with spending time with friends and family. Cheap Chinese goods are at stake. They want this crap so bad, they are willing to fight for it, and brave physical harm and arrest in order to obtain it. Worse, groups of people consider it unfair and racist that other groups have more of this junk. Look at him, he has Air Jordans and I have generics. Raaaaacist!


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