A Crash Course in 4GW

Posted: December 10, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


The Fourth Estate has become the Fifth Column.

-Michael Savage

A lot has been said and written on the topic of Fourth Generation Warfare(4GW) but to the uninitiated, it’s difficult to ascertain exactly what it is. As I’ve written in past posts, warfare is three dimensional. In order to succeed, the fight goes far beyond what rifle or caliber is best, what trinkets to put in a bag, and whether or not a foreign made handheld radio is worth the $30 it costs.  What’s more important is capability, commonality, and freedom of movement. The focus towards victory is at the macro level. This is not to dismiss necessary steps at the individual level that begins with and only with you; but understand that it distinctly takes a team.


4GW is defined as ” blurring of the lines between war and politics, combatants and civilians.” It’s an effort to make…

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