WeaponsMan-Anti-Gun Publicist Closes Shop to Fight Sexual Assault Rap

Posted: December 22, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

h/t David Codrea

The “go-to PR firm” for “progressive groups,” FitzGibbon media, has shut it doors and canned all its employees so that its founder and president can fight a barrage of sexual harassment and sexual assault charges. Daily Variety, the Hollyweird trade paper:

FitzGibbon Media, a Washington public relations firm that represented progressive groups like MoveOn, Everytown and NARAL, closed its doors on Thursday after allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Trevor FitzGibbon, its president.

A group of the firm’s former employees issued a statement in which they said that “the team that comprised FitzGibbon Media is incredibly sad and disappointed to confirm that allegations against Trevor FitzGibbon, FitzGibbon Media founder and president , for sexual assault and harassment of multiple female staffers. Staffers reported over a half dozen incidents of sexual harassment and at least two involving sexual assault committed by Trevor FitzGibbon against his own employees.”

Trevor Fitzgibbon got laid by forcing himself on employes and clients' employees, and his charm, style and intermittent personal hygiene, but mostly by forcing himself on them.

FitzGibbon Media was the publicist for Shannon Watts and various Bloomberg anti-gun fronts, including Everytown and Illegal Mayors Against Guns. At least, until it folded amid revelations that all-purpose prog hero Trevor Fitzgibbon was trying to fitz his gibbon into enough unwilling women — mostly subordinates, eeewww — that it finally lashed back on him.

Read the rest @ WeaponsMan here

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