HR 4269; a Response

Posted: December 27, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Well said,much more polite than I would have been



To regulate assault weapons, to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.

To all concerned with this Bill,

I write not to ask of you to somehow decide upon infringement of my God-given rights; that consent is given only between myself and the Lord. You seek power which you do not possess, Lordship over man which cannot be granted only through consent of the governed.

Allow me to clarify- Government is based upon social contract. Laws are obeyed of convenience, and at such time as to become overbearing or cumbersome, recourse must be taken to ensure that freedom for us and our progeny.

Laws which infringe upon personal Liberties are, without exception, guised as reactions to some sort of crisis- which according to the authors, would prevent such atrocities. In every case, without exception, nothing is prevented aside from the stifling…

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  1. Centurion_Cornelius says:

    Folks—the “countdown” to enslave you began some time ago. This latest attempt by the gun-grabbers shows you how badly they want to dis-arm you.

    Once that happens, all living Hell breaks loose: property confiscation, your suppression of free speech and religious rights, banning of your right to assemble in a group, outlawing criticism of government–all this (and more, much more) will be visited on our heads.

    If you are a Patriot, Christian, Jew, home-schooler, believe in law–you are headed for the “Great Round-UP” and eventual stockade.

    Plan for the future “festivities” now: water, food, shelter,medical supplies, guns, and ammo.

    We are 100,000,000 STRONG with 400,000,000 guns. THEY are going to loose their war on freedom and they will pay a fearful price for their treachery. BELIEVE IT!

    …coming soon to a theater (of operations) near you….



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