Recon Basics

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FM 7-8 tells us that there’s two types of Patrols- Recon and Combat. Of the Combat Patrols, there’s Ambush and Raid. Of Recon, there’s three: Area, Zone, and Route.


Make Sense?

Area is for, well, an area. A town, village, grid square, whatever. A Zone is a specific point on a map, an object of interest, or the area housing the thing you want to see. A Route is, well, a route. Self explanatory.

Reconnoitring Tactics


When a Buck smells your presence, he doesn’t move broadside to you. He comes directly at you, and moves away in the same manner. Why is this? Because the evolution of fight or flight, AKA OODA, has taught him that he’s less likely to be seen that way. So how do we move on a target?

RECONfan method.png

The Objective Rally Point(ORP) in the diagram is what we want to get a better view of…

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