SMASHED WINDOWS AND DEATH THREATS: Liberal Couple Reveals Horrific Experience After Opening Up Farm To Muslim “Refugees”

Posted: December 31, 2015 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized
  1. Sort of makes you wonder if they were anti-gun too.

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    • gamegetterII says:

      Of course they were-otherwise,they’d of shot those who told them they had to leave their own home.
      Maybe it’s just me,but that’s what I would have done-shoot their leader,then shoot the first one who took a step forward,and the next,and the next.
      Apparently the angry horde had no firearms either,or they would have used them to attack the farmhouse.
      Shooting the first few would have stopped the rest.

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  2. I have no doubt this happened, it’s gotten worse everywhere, just wait until these people are put in homes in upscale neighborhoods….the results will be just what the Marxist Muslim in our white house wants.


    • gamegetterII says:

      Look at Minneapolis,Minnesota,Dearborn Michigan,and Hamtramck,Michigan.
      All have huge Muslim communities,zero efforts to assimilate into American culture.
      Lots of other cities,in lots of states have large Muslim communities,I live between Cleveland,Ohio,and Akron,Ohio.
      The west side of Cleveland looks like the middle east,one of the oldest neighborhoods in Akron is 90%”refugees from Bhutan.
      Our government has been importing these people at an alarming rate for years,since long before Obama was even a state senator.
      I’ve got a customer that refuses to leave the North Hill neighborhood in Akron,she tells me that when the Bhutanese first got there,they all worked hard,and were decent enough neighbors. Then their kids found out about all the welfare benefits,and most of the Bhutanese are now getting section 8 rental assistance,food stamps,Medicaid,etc.
      The kids are involved in the gangs and the neighborhood has turned to sh*t. The last time I was there,I called a friend to stand watch over the van with a shotgun because I was afraid the gang bangers were going to steal the tools. A guy who was working for the cable company told me not to leave the van,even to carry tools in the house,or they would steal stuff from the van.
      West side of Cleveland is worse.


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