Tradecraft: How to Pick a Lock

Posted: January 6, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

The Tactical Hermit


The reason you have stumbled upon this guide is likely to answer these two questions:

  1. Is it difficult to learn how to pick a lock?
  2. How do I learn this craft of lock picking?

In regards to the first question, learning how to pick a lock is in fact a very simple skill to acquire. There is a common misconception that learning how to pick a lock is inherently difficult and requires hours upon hours of sitting quietly in a candle lit room with nothing but a set of lock picks, gobs of patience, and a lock to pick. Furthermore, that you must achieve some Zen like focus to have any success at lock picking. But it is in fact quite the opposite. The basic concepts and techniques of lock picking can learned and applied within hours. It can also be practiced in any environment in which both hands are free, such…

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  1. Charlie Mitchell says:

    I wish I could be there. DO you plan to record this, to make some DVDs or whatever that could be on sale later ?
    From one Carolina boy to another – good deal.



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