Organized Leftist Trolls Posting Negative Comments About Patriots at Malheur

Posted: January 15, 2016 by gamegetterII in Malheur wildlife refuge, Uncategorized
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A leftist/libtard site is mocking those standing up for their rights at the Malheur wildlife refuge.

They are soliciting donations to leftist “conservation” groups-groups that oppose any human activities on our public land that they do not approve of.

These groups do not approve of:

hunting,trapping,ranching,logging,mining,fishing,riding ATV’s and dirt bikes-they only support hiking and taking pictures,they do not consider ranchers,farmers,loggers,hunters,trappers,fishermen,ATV riders,dirt bike riders,or miners to be the public,their public only includes themselves and their fellow enviro-nazis.

These people have zero respect for the people who have lived for generations in the areas they demand be turned into “national monuments”,”wilderness areas”, “wildlife refuges”, or “nature preserves”.

They support nonsense such as preventing farmers from drawing irrigation water from the Sacremento and San Joaquin rivers due to the presence of a 3″ fish-the delta smelt,and preventing close to a million people from drawing residential DRINKING WATER from an existing reservoir on the Santa Ana river,due to the presence of another 3″ fish-the Santa Ana sucker.

Just Google environmental groups sue USFWS and you’ll see how these people are imposing their will on the rest of us,only animals matter-not humans.

Look at all the lawsuits filed by The Center for Biological Diversity

The same Center for Biological Diversity that sued the EPA in an attempt to ban ALL lead ammo.

This is accomplished by abusing the endangered species act,filing anendless stream of lawsuits to force the USFWS to declare a fish,snail,frog,toad,lizard or bird as an endangered species.

These are the people who spiked trees,maiming loggers for life,chained themselves to trees to prevent legal logging from starting,these are the people who have destroyed millions of dollars worth of logging and mining equipment.

Yet they claim the peaceful protesters at the Malheur wildlife refuge are “terrorists”.

They mock Carol Bundy’s request for supplies to be donated to those peacefully protesting at the refuge.

“While these militants plead for public support in the form of mayonnaise and snacks, we want to offer people a way to reject their criminal actions and support positive work on public lands we all own.”

Lend support through the CrowdRise widget below:

Also on HuffPost:

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.”

Notice that this bullshit is via Huffington Post.

Any doubts that this…

Leftist website

Is an organized effort by the left to smear and mock those standing at Malheur?

The left is attempting to hijack the attention focused on Malheur for thier own purposes…

“In response to their farcical demands, the Conservation Lands Foundation, or CLF, just launched a counter-campaign on Crowdrise called “Service Not Seizure.” They want to divert the national attention on Oregon to a more positive cause: conservation.”

Said leftist idiots are making comments in opposition to those standing at Malheur

on my site in comments to my post that has Carol Bundy’s list of supplies here



They’re spamming me with multiple links  back to the leftist drivel HuffPo sponsored website.

It’s causing an increase in page views,but it’s pageviews from leftists,socialists,Marxists,enviro-nazis,and animal rights whackos.

Also lots of this bullshit on my Twitter feed.

  1. PatrickHenry says:

    History shows that these kind of commies are much more predisposed to violence. That’s why you now see them rabidly calling for government force against these protesters. They’re dead set against citizenry using force to defend and assert their rights, but as soon as it comes to government sanctioned violence against some group they don’t like, they support it with childish glee.

    I’ll be sure to donate to groups that support the polar opposite of what these enviro-authoritarians seek.

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    • gamegetterII says:

      These enviro-nazi Gaia worshipers think they are the only ones who should be able to use public lands.
      They try to ban ranching,logging,hunting,trapping,ATV/dirt bike riding,4wd trucks,and anything except hiking and taking pictures.
      To them,they are the only ones who are the public,the rest of us do not count,families who have been ranching and using BLM lands-lands that they spend their own hard earned money to improve and maintain fences,gates, and water sources.
      The water sources benefit all wildlife,cattle grazing actually fertilizes the soil,improving the quality of the grasses.
      These idiots want to ban cows on the BLM lands by claiming they harm the land by over grazing,which is not true,grazing land is not over grazed,the cattle are moved to other land when they’ve consumed most of the edible grasses.
      What do these morons think millions,if not billions of bison did to the grasslands?
      These are the same people who will only eat grass fed beef , “free range” chicken,and “organic” foods.
      Where do they think grass fed beef comes from?
      They piss and moan about farmers drawing irrigation water-and demand organically grown vegetables,which take more water to grow.
      Where do they think the farmers are going to get the water?
      What do they expect ranchers who have been grazng cattle for generations on BLM lands to do when the eco-freaks get cattle grazing banned?
      They don’t care how many hundreds of thousands of people are put out of work directly and indirectly by their cattle grazing bans, logging bans,or how many outfitters are put out of business when they manage to get hunting banned on forest service land?
      Or the outfitters put out of business by the unchecked wolf populations in Montana,Wyoming, Idaho,Wisconsin,and Minnesota?
      The people that cause all this bullshit are almost all from LA,NYC,Seattle,the NE corridor,and other big cities. They’ve never worked on a ranch or farm and lost their jobs because of the Gaia worshiping eco-freaks,they’ve never lost good paying logging or sawmill jobs due to enviro stupidity like the spotted owl clusterfuck-loggers maimed for life,millions of dollars worth of equipment destroyed or damaged,and it was never logging that was the cause of the decline in the spotted owl population-it was a larger,more aggressive species of owl.
      Guys lost their arms due to spiked trees,or got cut badly by their chainsaws when they kicked back when they hit a spike in the tree they were felling.
      They don’t care about humans-only animals.
      They don’t understand that they will no longer be able to get grass fed beef if they keep forcing the USFWS and the BLM to ban cattle grazing,and forcing raqnchers to sel their land for the next “national monument”,”nature preserve”,”wildlife area” etc.
      Just a bunch of clueless city dolts who have never worked outdoors in their lives,and have no clue where their food comes from-other than the grocery store.


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