In the class description,I stated that a friend was going to assist me with a portion of the class.

The gentleman is now going to be present,and taking an active role in teaching the entire class,and will be doing the same for class II and class III.

We’ve both taught classes in the past,and have similar experience and knowledge.

Gary is far more knowledgeable than I am as far as baking goes,as he went on to become a pastry chef,and spent years creating desserts for area hotels,country clubs and restaurants.

He will be the instructor for all things baking-breads,cakes,biscquits, muffins,pies,tarts,tortes-and whatever else Gary comes up with. I’ll leave that part of the class up to him.

Those taking the class will still be making the actual desserts for lunch and dinner,as well as all the food for lunch and dinner.

Having two different guys explaining the basics that are required knowledge,and that all cooking is based on does make quite a bit of difference in how much students retain from the class,as no two people teach the exact same way.

Click on Feeding Your Tribe Now and During a SHTF Event at top of page for class details,date,and cost.




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