The “Current Mood”

Posted: February 5, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


Much has been written just in the past few days in regards to what I call the “mood” of the Liberty movement…lots of folks, with varying degrees of qualifications behind their opinions, have chimed in for some futile attempt to reveal it all and somehow change the world- as if that hasn’t happened hundreds of times in the past. There’s a complete other way to look at it; more useful than finger pointing or bemoaning; one that just might shed a little light and alleviate some of that frustration, along with a healthy dose of your favorite grain alcohol.

Macro Level

Let’s talk a bit about human sociology- since that’s the root of human interaction. The social, any social, relies upon reinforcing the status-quo. Robert Merton, an admitted Marxist, but intelligent theorist all the same, developed the Social Strain theory. The crux of this theory relies upon 5 arch-types of…

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