A SIGINT Opportunity

Posted: February 10, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


H/T NC Renegade:

NC Renegade- DOD Interoperability Exercise 12FEB16

Disclaimer- the guy narrating the embedded vid is a blathering idiot. He has little information, is jumping to ill-informed opinions, and lacks proper annunciation- in other words, your average tin foil moron. Never mind the fact that he did us all a favor through his insightful commentary, he also provided a solution to all of our signal problems. One wonders why we don’t just consult him for all the answers…

Be that as it may, the date and what .gov is doing IS important.

What’s actually happening is a MARS readiness exercise that’s fairly routine. What’s MARS? Military Auxiliary Radio System. In a nutshell, a system by which Amateur Radio Operators integrate with DOD and National Guard Units. They happen fairly often, and serve a small role in the Continuity of Government plan.

Now before anyone dives off into stupid land…

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