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Snowden on Apple and the FBI

RT’s take on the same story

At a recent conference, the controversial former Contractor weighed in on the FBI-Apple legal battle. He feels, as do many others who know better, that the FBI already got into that phone long ago.

And they did. But that’s not the larger issue. The larger issue is that they’d rather you not know how they did it. In the RT article another interesting tidbit was included:

Comey also acknowledged that the FBI made the mistake of changing the iCloud password on Farook’s account, security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski wrote in a blog post.

“In other words, the mistake of trying to break into the safe caused the safe to lock down in a way that made it more difficult to get evidence out of it,” Zdziarski said.

Meaning, in other words, they tried to backdoor their way in.


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