Republican Leadership: The Stupid Elites and a Strategy to Defeat Their Collective Stupidity

Posted: March 11, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized
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The definition of ignorant is one who does not know, but is capable of learning. The definition of stupid is one who cannot learn. The Republican Party is currently lead by very stupid people.

Mathematically, there are only three realistic avenues for the current Republican Primary:

1. Trump wins outright;
2. Cruz wins outright;
3. No one wins enough delegates and this is decided at the Convention.


As of last night, it is mathematically impossible for either Kasich or Rubio to win. Even if one drops out of the race, the remaining states simply do not offer the dedicated delegate counts to place either Kasich or Rubio over the top. Thus, a vote for either of them is effectively a vote for a Brokered Convention.

This is what the RNC Leadership wants. They sincerely believe that they can deny Trump and Cruz an outright win and by doing so, choose a more suitable candidate. They calculate that, despite the grumbling, Hillary Clinton will be so unacceptable to the Republican electorate that Republicans will vote for “Ham Sandwich” if they nominate Ham Sandwich for President. They are wrong.

They are obviously not listening to the nearly 65% of the electorate – many new Republican voters – who are rejecting their message outright. At first I thought they were just ignorant and deaf. Now I am convinced that they are incapable of learning. They are stupid.

THIS is why I left the Republican Party.

Trump’s fans will NOT support a candidate who effectively stole their nominee’s election. Cruz’s fans may be more amenable, but no doubt less enthused. A Brokered Convention will guarantee low or NO turn-out in November.

How do I know? In November 2012 the most unacceptable President in US history cruised to reelection while an uninspiring candidate led a campaign with the zeal of warm milk. Maybe the RNC missed that reality check four years ago. If you steal the nomination from either man, you have no one on the bench that can galvanize Republican support to overcome the anger both candidate’s supporters would feel.

It is now time for the leadership to give up the game and make a choice: Trump of Cruz. Mathematically, that is it. If you are betting on a Brokered Convention, you are betting on a blood bath.

Not that I expect the RNC to listen to me or you. After all, we are just the voters. They “know better” right?

Well, here is an alternative strategy to nip this in the bud immediately and save the Republican Party’s stupid leadership from itself: Trump and Cruz should get on the same stage and say the following, “The mathematical reality is that this race is now between only two candidates – me and him. The only other choice is a brokered convention, which is an attempt to steal your votes. Consequently, Ted and I have come to an agreement: if either of us is leading in the polls, but do not have enough votes to win the nomination outright, the candidate in second place will pledge his delegates to the one who is leading.”

Boom! That would shock the establishment and force them to take both men and their supporters seriously. Would these men or could these men do such a thing? Absolutely. Why? Because it would be the very middle finger to the establishment they both represent.

Will they? Hmmmm… have them give me a call and I will tell them how.

Meanwhile, it is time to make your choice, RNC Leadership. You only have two. You do not have three or four. Learn from 2012 – if you are intellectually capable of doing so or face your undoing.

Assuming you are not as stupid as we think you are.



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