An excellent view of real Guerrilla Life

Posted: April 13, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

But…but…but…there’s no multicam,there’s no patches on his sleeves…
and he’s not 87# overweight…



Vice: Foreigners Fighting ISIS in Syria

As a sort of follow up to the last post linking JC Dodge and Jesse James, I thought it relevant to show yet another glimpse of what genuine guerrilla units look like.

A guerrilla’s life is one of poverty, motivated by the sole recognition that if He fails, his cause fails. In my opinion this video more than adequately exhibits this truth, and recognizes some of the uncomfortable realities of that life, and even a decent look at the differences in posture a guerrilla leader must maintain to keep his men at arms faithful.

While politically many of the fighters featured are definitely in the Left lane, compared to their pathetic effeminate American counterparts inhabiting every coffee shop, respect must be given to those taking up arms for a worthy cause. They do not expect anyone to come to their aid in some mass…

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