LESSONS IN LOGIC: Two Forms Of The Same Violation Of Natural Law

Posted: April 16, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


I stumbled across this meme on Face Book and found myself wondering: “How many people realize that there is one violation of Natural Law represented here, and both sides are equally guilty?”


To me, the implication is that the we are suppose to have less sympathy for the people at the top of the meme than for those at the bottom.  This may be the politically correct way of looking at this issue, but it goes against the principles of Natural Law.

Under Natural Law, all persons are supposed to be treated equally under the law.  Therefore, when the law is perverted for the personal gain of another, it represents a violation of the Social Contract.  It does not matter what form the perversion may take: perversion is still perversion.  Therefore, whether it is a businessman corrupting the law for his gain, or a group voting to have…

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