Radio Station Grounding

Posted: May 26, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


recon radio.pngNotice the little stake in the corner of the radio set? That’s a grounding stake. It’s important.

A radio system works by creating an electrical path to transmit its energy. Taking into account simple electrical theory, the radio as a system needs a ground to most efficiently transmit its energy and to reduce static buildup in your set which will in time damage your equipment and can shock you. This is especially important if you’re using less than optimum antenna systems, leading to high Standing Wave Ratios, or SWR, which is energy returning to the set along your feed line, and is not radiated. In addition, having a good ground eliminates sources of noise that may otherwise be mistaken for harmful interference.

If you’re running QRP, this is a big deal as you need every little bit of juice possible getting out to efficiently communicate. For 100w or more, this…

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