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RaDARLogoOrangeOnBlackbNoURL640 So now that we know without a doubt the world is going to piss, let’s quit the self loathing and do something. As I said before, the time for pontificating is done, as it solves all of jack and shit.

RaDAR- Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio is a sort of hybrid between being an RTO, Summits On The Air (SOTA), National Parks On The Air (NPOTA) and your standard, “Have Another Meal” contesting everyone knows and loves/loathes.

It’s a radio contest of sorts that requires getting out and moving with the equipment you’ve brought to the party/ plan on running as an RTO. Because what you’re doing is exactly what you’ll be doing as a prospective RTO in the near future.

RaDAR_AmericaJanuary2013_LARGEHere’s a link to the rules, and they’re fairly simple. Here’s a link to the suggested SOI– it’s a little out of date, as this started out as…

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