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Source- Cryptome

10 June 2014
DEA/NSA SANDKEY Voice Intercepts
A sends:
Enclosed are three images that are the heart of the NSA SANDKEY program. SANDKEY is a joint DEA/NSA program that intercepts and exploits unencrypted VHF voice communications of narco-traffickers at sea.
SANDKEY targets those communications of and between maritime vessels operating in the Caribbean and southwest waters. It may intercept communications between the mother ship and go-fast boats or between the mother ship and shore. Primarily it extracts intelligence based on voice communications and through Radio Direction Finding, vectors law enforcement asserts to the mother ship. For example, a Panama Express-South (PANEX-S) team will, through an informant, know a certain boat’s departure, SANDKEY will be tipped-off to monitor the traffic and a US Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment (LEDET) will conduct the interdiction. SANDKEY, over it’s long-life, has detected and identified the major drug trafficking corridors…

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