NVIS Explained, I

Posted: August 15, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


Administrative note: The following was sent by Keypounder, the nom de plume that should be familiar to a few readers. A longtime radio amateur and communications specialist in his own right, he’s generously submitted this article to me, and in my opinion, is among the best I’ve read on the topic for public consumption. Due to length and volume the article is posted in three parts. Contained is a keen rundown of how Skywave propagation works, the requirements for NVIS on the HF bands, the history, antenna modelling with EZNEC, and fantastic examples of antennas in the field for this task.  It is meant to be a much more in depth article than my previous work on the subject, which was intended for beginners.

NVIS is a highly misunderstood term parroted by many ‘preppers’ and militia-types with usually very little demonstration or explanation of said skill. It is for this…

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