Scammy’s Sleazy Bullshit II

Posted: August 26, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized
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Continuing from comments of mine he refused to post yesterday…

Instead of the comment I posted in yesterdays post-he posted this response…

“No, Larry – it is you. You were told not to bother responding here – go post drivel at your own sites.

Others drew first blood and to this day they have not put forth a single injured person with a valid claim. They have brought this pox upon themselves.

Go away now.”


My response to that was…

No-you post bullshit about me-I’m going to respond-and no its not me-people who had over 10 years in foodservice learned new things in the first 20 minutes of class.
Again-I have verifiable experience.
And you can not tell me what I can and can not do.
Post my comment or don’t-my response will be seen.

Shit I didn’t get to yesterday…

Scammy said this…

“Next time you find yourself lying awake at night thinking of me – which is probably every night – be brave and ask yourself how a supposed ‘Patriot’ as you claim to be, finds so much to admire in state-fed parasites such as those found on Welfare Lane and in Daffy’s Bunker.  Don’t bother me with the answer – you’ve been dismissed from consideration as a serious person long ago…”

Bwahahahahahahahaha….Now that’s from a delusional motherfucker right there-

actually,I haven’t thought of  him at all-it’s a bad memory-except when posting comments in response to some bullshit he said that was posted on various sites-the owners of which have all denounced Scammy for the scum sucking piece of excrement that he is.

He accuses me of “failures”???!

That’s even more delusional…

There’s no Citadel,there’s zero firearms being produced by III Arms,there’s no land recently purchased in Benewah county by Scammy-or Holly,or the IIIPSFA as Scammy claims,the short bus has never been seen,never “rolled to events like Bundy ranch”-why wasn’t it sent to Malheur? Instead,Scammy did a post about sending maybe $250.00 worth of food and clothes to the people at the refuge. That must have really cut into “his income” from the IIIPSFA dues huh?

The supposed “Dojo” isn’t holding classes-as posted by others many times-wonder how all those who donated shit for the “dojo” feel about that?

There’s been zero “Jedburgh Academy” classes held anywhere,IIIPSFA members get nothing but some cheap assed patches for their monthly dues-oh and get to read Sammy’s increasingly unhinged posts.

Some of us work for a living,some of us work for the fed gov.,or local gov. some of us work in the trades,some of us work in offices-we all still work for our paychecks-unlike Scammy.

Most of us have resumes that show our accomplishments-you know Scammy-that thing that lists all your actual job experience and job descriptions-the jobs that can be verified,because we actually worked for a living,and earned our paychecks week after week,year after year.

Scammy claims to have been a HVAC mechanic-I actually believe him on that one-at some point in time-he worked in the trades,as I recall him making a comment about the older guys telling him to never eat the last bite of your sandwich at lunch.

So that’s one for Scammy-999 for the rest of us.

The sad thing is-Scammy tries to make fun of me for working as a “handyman”-yeah,I do that,it’s part of condo maintenance. I also do/have done, siding,windows,room additions,concrete,stamped concrete,framing custom homes-no roof trusses-we cut rafters,no pre-fab stair stringers-I make my own. I do drywall,trim,painting,plaster  and lath repair,plumbing,and all kinds of shit too numerous to list.

Guys who work in the trades don’t fuck with other guys who work in the trades-unless your such a little pink handed troll like Scammy that you do it to try and make yourself feel good because you are such an insignificant,worthless piece of shit that you are an utter,complete failure at all you do-and at life in general.

It fucking makes me sick that I stuck up for Sammy and the Akita whisperer.

Wonder how long ’till I get sued,or the cops show up at my door on some made up bullshit claim.




  1. pigpen51 says:

    Larry, Just wanted to post a quick note of support. With all the things going on in our country now, and with the scary election in the fall, I figure Patriots need to hang together. Kerodin is one bad distraction that should just go away. And now that we have lost such a leader as Mike V., it is time for everyone to pull together in our own areas and stand strong. You are one of the good ones, and don’t let bums like Sammy pull you down.


    • gamegetterII says:

      He just pissed me off with his lies and bullshit-I figured it’s better to set the record straight on that garbage right away.
      Doubt he anticipated the amount of pushback from people.
      I’m going back to normal posts reblogged from others and writing hunting,fishing and maybe some prepper and off grid cooking stuff now.
      Enough scammy posts-unless he starts more shit.


  2. Grandpa says:

    …continue to go git him, brother. We got your back. Only thing is, my resume’ is a list of shit I hope I never have to do again…

    Liked by 1 person

    • gamegetterII says:

      His can’t have much actual work experience-what with the “misspent youth” and “getting wet at belt buckle range” there’s always the fake counterterrorism “expert” thing.


  3. I still don’t know how honorable people (like the fella in N. Carolina) can continue to let that guy on their property.


  4. James says:

    There is nothing wrong at all with being a “handy man”.I work as a carpenter fulltime and do a lot of small side jobs that folks either do not want to do/don’t have the time/don’t have the skills/or perhaps,just a ugly dirty job they want to pass on.Tis a great way for me to earn spending money,the folks I work for have some of the best tools,cash or a check book!

    Liked by 1 person

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