Not Playing The Game Your Enemy Desires

Posted: October 5, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Western Rifle Shooters Association

zoomie resist


…Most people paying attention are aware that the statists feel the dirt people are an existential threat. While we are a productive lot, productivity that can be replaced by Third World refugees who are not armed, uneducated and used to living in a centralized state, we are not irreplaceable. To put a fine point on it, we are not needed, and more importantly not wanted. The crux of the matter is how to respond to this incremental push towards war. The parallels break down in many respects when you factor in the parity of force and the nature of internecine conflicts. The truth remains however that we are in a box. Much like the proverbial cat Schrödinger used to explain quantum mechanics, you have two options, but one result.

But…what if the cat chose to chew through the box?


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