Coming Soon: CommRadio CTX-10

Posted: October 20, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized



It’s a great time to be into Survivalist Communications. It’s a great time to be into Survivalism, period. Sure, the world sucks. We’re on track to reignite the Cold War. The flames keep being fanned higher and higher here at home. The economy is borderline insane. Yep, all that.

And yet, the technology out there is advancing by leaps and bounds. 3D printers and rapid decline in the price of CNC machines has led to the world’s truly open-source weapon, the AR-15. Computers are smaller and more powerful than ever before. The access to information has never been easier. And radio has never been better.

QRP HF used to only have a handful of options- Ten-Tec was the leader- but even then it was limited to a couple bands and kinda tough to run in the field.  Yaesu brought out the 817 and with it, revolutionized what a ‘field day’…

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