Grid Down Hospital Part V: The Pharmacy

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Western Rifle Shooters Association


Another in the series from FlightERdoc:

Grid Down Hospital Pharmacy

Any meds normally taken, plus the following – listed in order of schedule. Quantities are as many as you can, and as with all perishable medical supplies, the smaller the factory container, the better – it’s better to keep them sealed in their original containers.

Storage of medications should normally be in a cool, dark, dry location – but not freezing, especially for liquids or ointments. They may separate during freezing and not recombine correctly. One drug that can be frozen is epinephrine. An Epi-pen can be frozen and then thawed completely in five minutes or so by placing it in an armpit.



Rx / OTC

Acetominophen 500mg 100’sNSAID


Aspirin 325mg tabs, bottle 24’sNSAID for pain, fever, inflamation, cardiac


Betadine Sol 4 oz bottletopical antiseptic


Bisacodyl (Dulcolax) 5mg POLaxative



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