Why I’m Done With the III% “Movement”.

Posted: October 20, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Many others have done posts stating the same thing recently,I’ve been done with “the movement” for several months now,I just haven’t got around to doing a post about it.

Kenny-(Wirecutter)- did a post about why he’s done with the III% movement here

Sparks 31 did a post about it here

He had this to say… “This 3% thing will result in deaths if it follows itself to conclusion.  By adopting that particular term, you are implying that you will fight a standing, legally-elected government should it (continue to) engage in certain actions you find objectionable. The term used is insurrection. Look it up. Unless the social and political course of this country alters its course drastically in the future, that’s going to be a hell of a check you’re going to have to cash.”

Kit Perez also did a post about quitting the III% movement here

J.C. Dodge added some thoughts in relation to Spark’s posts here


A  comment I’ve made about the III% and reason(s) for leaving…

I think just about everyone with the ability to think for themselves has reached similar conclusions.
None of us need to belong to any group/org. outside of our own communities to believe in and practice Jefferson’s rightful liberty.
None of us need permission or approval from any national group/org to train and organize locally. Nor do we need to belong to any national group/org. We especially do not need to pay “dues” to any such group/org. to be a part of Mike V’s III%.
We need to do just like Kenny is doing and focus our energy and efforts locally-which is what most of the people I know have been doing all along anyhow.
Something that bothers me about the whole liberty/prepper/patriot “community” is the focus on cool guy high speed door kicker tacticool stuff-and the huge lack of focus on important stuff like comms,medical,and food.
Having a couple cheap Chinese handheld radios still in the box ain’t gonna help people when they need radios because the intardnet is down,the power is out and they have no clue what’s going on around them.
Having a couple big Rubbermaid bins of medical supplies won’t do you any good if you don’t have the training to use them correctly.
Having several bins of rice,beans and pastas also won’t do you any good if you don’t have seasonings and meats and veggies to go with the beans and rice and sauces or the stuff to make sauces for the pastas.
Among the prepper community,
there are far too many people who have tricked out A-R’s, “sniper rifles”,1911’s,Glocks, thousands of rounds of ammo-and no clue how to correctly and safely use any of them.
All those expensive weapons and no training-that’s another huge problem.
Then there’s the clueless on the ‘net all their personal info-and that of their group is easily available for anyone to see.
Then there’s those seeking to exploit people new to the community-and/or anyone else they can separate from their $$.
All the above is why I haven’t been writing much of my own on my blogs for months-just generally disgusted with things.

From an e-mail I sent…

“I was gonna do a post similar to yours-too many idiots claim they’re III%ers now. Most have all the latest n greatest A-R 15 attachments n all the cool guy tacticool shit but they don’t know a damn thing about medical,comms,food storage,off grid power sources,wilderness survival,hunting,fishing,trapping. They don’t know how to field dress a deer, or pluck a wild turkey,pheasant,duck or goose.
They don’t know how to butcher livestock or wild game.
They think they’re gonna survive on MRE’s or beans and rice and don’t know shit about nutrition much less how to safely cook for a group of people without getting ’em all sick.
Then there’s those who believe Scammy’s nonsense.
That and all those claiming to be leaders and even worse-those trying to cash in on anything III% related.
The III% groups that are all over the intardnet,farcebook and twatter are nothing at all like Mike V’s III% leaderless resistance concept.”

The III% is supposed to be about leaderless resistance,this is what the definition of a “III%er” is supposed to be…this…

“These four principles — moral strength, physical readiness, no first use of force and no targeting of innocents — are the hallmarks of the Three Percent ideal. Anyone who cannot accept them as a self-imposed discipline in the fight to restore the Founders’ Republic should find something else to do and cease calling themselves a “Three Percenter.”

The above is from the man who came up with the III% as leaderless resistance,read the entire blog post here


Yeah,I’m quitting “the movement”,buy that does not mean I no longer adhere to the III% as defined by Mike Vanderboegh,because I do,I’m just going to focus doing all I can to help prepare for the coming unpleasantness locally.

There was never supposed to be a nationally organized III%,the whole idea is to be prepared for the coming shitstorm locally-that means,you,your family,and those in your “inner circle” of close friends.

Most of the III% groups are about as squared away as a soup sandwich,same with the “militia groups”.

Get your shit together locally,get the best training you can afford,have a comms plan-and the knowledge and gear needed.

Get medical training-all the latest,greatest IFAKs,and Rubbermaid totes full of medical supplies ain’t worth much if you do not have the medical training to use the stuff.

Have a plan for cooking meals when there’s no power,no natural gas to cook with.

Learn about food safety,and nutrition-all the beans and rice,MRE’s,pastas,etc. aren’t worth a damn if you can’t cook safely,don’t understand nutritional and calorie requirements,and know why it’s a really bad idea to eat MRE’s or Mountain House type freeze dried foods for more than a few days.

Learn land nav,have maps of your area-and surrounding areas. Have a plan in case you have to leave on foot. Know where the rails are,where old rail beds are,bike paths/hike and bike trails etc. are.

Go out and hike the trails,etc. make a plan for multiple ways to walk out.

Hike the routes now,with your ruck/pack and all your gear-now’s the time to find out if your gear has issues,and if your routes out are viable.

Have a route for driving out of your area-don’t just make a plan by looking at a road atlas-or trust your GPS-drive the damn route-drive alternate routes.

Now is also the time to learn how to repair everything you have that could possibly need repair-that means your house,vehicles,electronics,farm equipment if you have it,and things like chainsaws, logsplitters, and rototillers.

Do you have space for a garden? is the soil suitable for growing veggies?

Soil tests are easy to do,and inexpensive,sometimes free. You just mail a sample in to your local Ag. extension-(USDA) See Foodgrower’s series at Kenny’s here

My guess is everyone has a whole lot of work to do if they want to get through the coming “troubles” in relative safety and comfort. Work on what you need to do locally-then think about maybe connecting with people/groups in other neighboring areas.

And stop posting everything you do on social media.

Don’t be the guy-or lady who walks around town in surplus multicam-try and appear somewhat “normal” blend in,you’ll make more new friends that way,and you won’t draw the attention of the local cops every time you take a walk in the neighborhood.

Think local.

Act local.




Do more PT !






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