Asique Hada, Tla Yigoliga

Posted: November 9, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized



The Deplorable Savages appear to have bested the machine. Good.

Now the real work begins.

As you bask in the victory, well deserved, allow me to throw cold water on the party. First, while the national election went one way, your local elections may have went another. If you don’t know or aren’t aware, that’s a problem. Second, hold their feet to the fire. They are servants- they work for you, remind them of this fact. Corruption is hard to exist when hounded at every turn. Third, VOTING MATTERS. All of the naysayers have been proven (at least at face value) wrong. This election was not in any way shape or form beneficial to the elite aside from ensuring domestic chaos- which brings me to my next point- Keep your eyes on the ball. Power does not abdicate willingly and we are not magically going to defy nature.

And remember…

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