No, protestors, you are not entitled to free education, by Simon Black

Posted: November 15, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


Some of the protestors after the election are demanding “free” higher education, although few of them have taken advantage of the many free-to-the-user educational resources that are already out there. From Simon Black at

Bleary-eyed from the 16+ hour flight from Asia, I checked my phone last night once the plane landed to find that riots have broken out across the Land of the Free.

It was enough to wake me from my jet lag.

All the televisions in the airport terminal were showing footage of the chaos along with occasional interviews with some of the protestors.

Naturally there was outcry against racism, sexism, violence, and all the usual anti-Trump arguments.

(Which I found ironic given this video of a Trump voter being viciously beaten in Chicago.)

But one of the recurring themes from these protestors being interviewed, primarily young people, was that Trump wasn’t going to do…

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