The “Special Snowflake Second Class” Award Goes To……

Posted: November 28, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Mason Dixon Tactical

This is Trent. Trent is a Millennial. Trent is a “Special Snowflake” of the liberal variety and he apparently owns a gun (I know, scary isn’t it) and want’s “Fascists” (Trump and his supporters) to know he will protect those who he thinks will be persecuted by Trump.


I’m curious what Trent thinks Hillary (he probably was a disenfranchised Bernie supporter) would have done with his “privacy” if she’d taken the field on Nov 8th? What about the muslims who aren’t your “friends”, and have vowed to kill you (the western devil) Trent? “Marginalized”, you mean like Christians, heterosexuals, or Americans with a Southern Heritage were in the last eight years? That kind of marginalized? “Immigrants”? You don’t mean immigrants, you mean “Illegals”, don’t you Trent? “Refugees”? Like the ones who have murdered or raped how many Americans in just the last year?

Do you even know the answer to…

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  1. gamegetterII says:

    I like the Mossberg 590- it holds a total of 9 shells as long as you use 2 3/4″ shells. Mine has a pladtic “sidesaddle” shell holder attached to it. 8 in the tube,one in chamber and 5 in the “sidesaddle”. That’s 14 shells total with 9 you can fire as fast as you cycle pump,aim,and pull trigger.
    Snowflake would need some kind of counseling if he cranked out all 15 shells.


  2. LT says:

    Well, at least he isn’t styling himself as a “Ranger” or “Special Forces” flying secret-squirrel dude – that would have been just a bit too trite for any salvageable humor. And he does make a decent poster-boy for the “armed left” with his Columbia fleece and the classy new shemagh he bought on

    What I find ironic is that the only piece of kit he has, is a cheap sling for that scatter-cannon (which is one more item than a lot of his fellow “would-be’s” have). He’s got no ammo pouches, no blow-out kit, no headlight or flashlight… in short, he has nothing that would make him an effective field asset. This is ironic mostly because there are a metric shit-ton of resources online where (at a minimum) semi-knowledgeable folks give detailed load-outs for every imaginable combination of weapon and scenario.

    Irony #2 – He probably rushed home with that Wal*Mart special and posed for that pic as soon as his two-week wait was over – I’d bet a case of home-canned tomatoes that he’s never even put a single round through that pipe. Or any other gun. Evah.

    I’ll generously give him a life expectancy of “Contact plus 30 seconds”, which is about how long the 5 rounds under the barrel of that Mossburg are going to last… then he’s going to be crowned as a ‘Martyr for the cause’ in short order… so I guess he does have a lot in common with the muslims he loves enough to lay his life down for.

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