Douchenozzle of the Year…Levi Strauss CEO Asks Gun Owners Not to Bring Guns Into Stores

Posted: December 2, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

  1. Dink Newcomb says:

    Once a sturdy, inexpensive garment for deplorables (Levis sneered at briars in my Low Country land surveying days– two new pair, six jockey shorts, 8-10 Hanes teeshirts and one pair of 10″ boots with my income tax refund), LS captilized on its abundant use in the ’60s to push the garment line into trendy “faux working class/revolutionary stylishness” and we now see the consequence of urbanization as the delicate children of the early 21st century express their fear of … uhm … FEAR while garbed as stoic crackers!
    Once, quite a few years ago, my NYC niece brought her new husband down to the country to meet the family. Their attire was expensive city model Levis, ball caps, teeshirts and LL Bean footwear as if they had followed the cues of 19th century explorers who garbed themselves from Abercrombie and Fitch before going to Africa– I was there in their gun room during the early ’60s and I still fantasize about seeing the gun store of the rich which contained many big bore rifles (among any type of expensive firearms) which displayed some handmade specimens that went for ~$20,000 in ’60 dollars.
    Anyway, my niece asked if they could come with me as I walked out from my visit to go drown some crickets up on the Tullifinny where the Redbreast were said to be biting. When we got to the parking spot on the railroad grade out in the swamp, I had to carry their poles and all the other gear because they couldn’t walk down the steep bank but moved backwards, hunched over with their hands on the ground. Set up on the bench part way down and I spent 10-15 minutes readying and explaining how pole and bobber fishing worked, concentrating on how to hook a cricket for bait to no avail. Yep, that’s right, these two attired in good ol’ boy garb that would have paid the gasoline, cooking gas AND electric bill in my house for at least a month or two could not get cruel enough to hook a stupid, smelly insect– just handling it was a large part of the problem. You know the drill, they fished, caught fish they would never eat cause it came out of a creek and had a great time. While I, on the other hand baited hooks, untangled lines, got free from snags, … uh ..never mind, I loved the child as an extension of my sister and I have done far worse things for duty.


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