The Solzhenitsyn Solution

Posted: December 13, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

The Virginia Freeman's Society

Those who can’t do…teach. Those who can’t do or teach…run for office. American politics is largely the game of letting the least qualified and most covetous among us have power over the strongest military, domestic police force, tax base and nuclear arsenal the world has ever known…and wondering every four years what went wrong.


The attempt to safe space the planet has begun in earnest with the media and statists screaming for the censorship of any badthink that intrudes upon their own particular version of fantasyland.The social media giants have already begun developing a common database to root out those pesky free thinkers in the name of ‘extremism,’ because nothing says you are committed to humanity and common decency like allowing your company to become a haven for pedophiles and daily advertisement for ISIS. Here’s looking at you, Jack. The current crop of statists and snowflakes are aghast…

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