An Open Letter To The Present Powers That Be.

Posted: December 22, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

This needs to get over 100,000 signatures,printed out and sent to Trump,c/o the white house-with copies to the house and senate.

Mason Dixon Tactical


A group of us decided we were going to list the steps necessary to address some grievances that we (and pretty much most of the people I know) have with decisions that have been implemented in the name of “The People”. Some of the names at the bottom of the letter you might recognize. I did not come up with the idea or write the letter, but I am endorsing it as if I had. At this point I have a reluctant optimism, which is tempered by my understanding of the prevalent, greedy human nature in our government. I also understand that words are not deeds, and President-Elect Trump needs to “Show me” that his bold words are always followed through with honest deeds


20 December 2016

An Open Letter to Republicans:

America has been granted a reprieve.  You are being loaned one.  In the name of whatever you…

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