We’re Still Going To Be Here

Posted: December 28, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


To our rulers :

Have you considered what you are going to do when the worth of an SS check or pension check is less than the price of a loaf of bread?  “Never happen!” you say?

On the contrary, it always happens.

That is what is so very frustrating about the progression we are on, it is a path so well-trod in history, and it is expensive in suffering people and lost opportunities for civilization’s advance. Who can doubt the system is failing?

There are too many people on all sides sowing hatred and discord. There are profoundly good and wise reasons to not do anything that could increase discord and hatred! How can that not be clear?

In an interconnected world, every bit of chaos caused by anything will cause odd ripples in different places and intensities, but so many effects that costs rise and life gradually degrades because things become too expensive…

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