When Did Leftism Go Bad, or Was it Ever Any Other Way? | Gates of Vienna

Posted: January 2, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

h/t WRSA


  1. A lot of the writing was too complicated for my brain but I also read the article on why the author left England.

    In a nutshell this is what most of ‘city life’ in the UK is all about today.
    ‘City’ being anywhere where white flight is still going on unabated, law enforcement is scared to go, and local politicians are too weak to stand up for the indigenous population, or are constrained by the PC limp wrist dictats of central government and the judiciary. Rather like the US is.

    Yet that’s immigration as a cause and I found thinking about the US and the loss of control there. To me it’s nothing to do with immigration (yet) but bad government, BIASED bad government, has let the worse of the US think they are in charge.

    For the most part, I think that’s true. They are in charge now.

    Only where can white flight go to there?
    The world is running out of nice, safe places to live in for Christian Whites.
    So do they need to carve out a new area where ‘Western diplomacy” is no longer welcome but where Western Christian values are upheld?

    Then I thought of South Africa and strangely about Iraq and Libya.
    All three had strong government once that worked.
    One through Aparthied, the others by dictatorships.
    Yet SA, today, is a land of white genocide and Iraq and Libya is a free for all.
    All three countries waging open war against everybody and everything.
    Why? Because ‘Western style democracy’ was imposed on all three.

    Then it dawned on me. It was ‘Western democracy’ that has failed everyone.
    What clinched it for me was a memory of an Iraqi talking to a news team.
    He said “Saddam was bad but at least the water flowed and the lights worked.”

    Can that be said of the rest of the world? Consider Europe.
    Sweden has fallen, that is clear, but as for Germany, France, and all the rest that are being swamped by a religion which is stronger than any form of Western government?

    Without positive strong action the crescent of Islam will rise above them all.
    All because it is stronger than ‘civilised’ Western government.

    What of England? Everyone claims BREXIT has solved our problems.
    No it hasn’t, it’s just allowed TPTB to airbrush over the troubles within.
    Worse bit about it is the sheeple haven’t noticed yet.
    Such is the control over the media.

    Only why is this? Democratically elected, judiciary restrained, who follow insipid liberal values, has renderd modern government impotent. Perhaps a re-order of the world is called for.

    Or is that what is happening now?
    Only not to the Christian white advantage.

    Ultimately there is too much political talk, not enough positive action.
    The bad needs to be forced back to it’s origins.
    That’s nothing that politics can do as there is no “acceptable” political solution.
    Thus FORCE becomes the only way.

    Whoops, I’ve probably just gone and broken some obscure law.
    Or if I haven’t, one will be written to ensure I have.
    After all the first thing that suffers in war is the truth.


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