Alt-Left: The statist’s Patriot movement

Posted: January 7, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

The Virginia Freeman's Society

One of the ripples that has emanated outward from the brick known as Trump after it was thrown into the swamp this past November deserves far more attention than it is currently receiving. The left has found itself with a lot of young and angry bodies, bereft of the Cinton political machine and the biggest names in the party well into their AARP memberships. With the recent political stunt of Calexit people opening an embassy in Moscow, the human terrain is ripe for an unofficial quasi-government to exist under the Trump administration. Already there exists a growing patriot-esque movement among the liberals that mirrors the antifa movement in Germany. Most of us have seen the call to arms of a few prominent liberals and numerous unhinged Millennials. While many of them appear laughable at first glance, the motive, and soon the means and opportunity will be there for them to…

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