Food Safety/Cooking for Large Groups

Posted: January 19, 2017 by gamegetterII in training
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I have received several e-mails in the past couple weeks asking about the food safety/feeding large groups classes.

I’ll do another class I in March or April if there’s enough interest,with a class II-a  2 day-(Sat/Sun)- class about a month after the first class.

The first class covers food safety,and basic cooking techniques,along with nutrition and menu planning. For class I,there is a lot of material that will be sent via e-mail,and it’s material you will need to know for class-so it’s “homework”.

There is also quite a bit of material that will be handed out in class,along with a food thermometer for each student.

I will provide coffee,tea,soft drinks,lunch and dinner for all classes-students will be cooking the dinner for all classes.

Cost is $150.00 per person for class I and $200.00 per person for class II.

Anyone taking both classes will get a $50.00 discount on class II,making the total cost for both classes-3 days of instruction,plus meals and beverages- $300.00.

I just can’t make the cost any lower. You won’t find any decent cooking classes for less money.

For those who aren’t aware of this…

I have 22 years experience as executive chef,most at 4-5 star hotels and private country clubs,along with experience cooking on fishing boats,and for a backcountry outfitter on wilderness elk hunts.

Anyone interested,e-mail-

If there’s enough interest,I’ll post more  details about the classes.



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