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I have received several e-mails in the past couple weeks asking about the food safety/feeding large groups classes.

I’ll do another class I in March or April if there’s enough interest,with a class II-a  2 day-(Sat/Sun)- class about a month after the first class.

The first class covers food safety,and basic cooking techniques,along with nutrition and menu planning. For class I,there is a lot of material that will be sent via e-mail,and it’s material you will need to know for class-so it’s “homework”.

There is also quite a bit of material that will be handed out in class,along with a food thermometer for each student.

I will provide coffee,tea,soft drinks,lunch and dinner for all classes-students will be cooking the dinner for all classes.

Cost is $150.00 per person for class I and $200.00 per person for class II.

Anyone taking both classes will get a $50.00 discount on class II,making the total cost for both classes-3 days of instruction,plus meals and beverages- $300.00.

I just can’t make the cost any lower. You won’t find any decent cooking classes for less money.

For those who aren’t aware of this…

I have 22 years experience as executive chef,most at 4-5 star hotels and private country clubs,along with experience cooking on fishing boats,and for a backcountry outfitter on wilderness elk hunts.

Anyone interested,e-mail-

If there’s enough interest,I’ll post more  details about the classes.



Thoughts on the III (3%, III%,Threepers,Three Percent)

Posted: September 17, 2014 by gamegetterII in III%, training

With the sudden change in our local weather,all my old injuries,old broken bones, herniated discs,neuropathy-(nerve pain)-and arthritis are all bugging the ship outta me-I’m pretty much outta commission today.
Since I absolutely can’t stand laying around doing nothing,I’ve been reading a lot.

I found this one from guerrillamerica,from 2012…

A couple of things stand out for me in the post,this…

“Some, I don’t know how many, Three Percenters speak more loudly – especially over the internet – than they’re willing to back up.  When and if we need them, they are going to leave us hanging.  Their talk is the Judas Kiss.  They won’t be willing to risk their lives, their fortunes, or their sacred honor for the legacy our Founders did.  The Three Percent isn’t the societal norm.  It’s not the average mindset of Americans today – obviously.  It’s the embodiment of the courage of the Founding Fathers.  As one witty saying goes, “Thomas Jefferson would be shooting already.”  But before we get to that point, if we even have to, we will be deserted by some “Three Percenters” because the road is too rough or the valley too deep.”

Still applies,maybe even moreso,as 2 years ago,fewer people had even heard of the III,or any of the various groups associated with the “term” III, or 3%,Threeper,3%er,or any of the other variations of III. Now if you google III or any of the various iterations of the III-you get a page or more of hits, a few years ago,you got 3 or 4 hits.

No III Percent Society for America existed back then either.

There are those who only claim to be a part of the III because the like the concept,but do not fully understand it,they do not comprehend that at some point,very likely in the near future,they may have to choose to leave the comfort of their homes,and leave their families behind. They may have to do things that are uncomfortable,they may have to actually use the gear they have for just such a purpose. When we reach that point,I agree with the Guerrillamerica paragraph that makes the point that some of those who claim to be a part of the III will desert before they have to actually haul their ass off the couch.

Kinda ironic that as I write this-my ass is on the couch huh?

There was another paragraph that stood out for me in that same post,this one…

“But there are those who are gearing up now, spending their money on the sharpest AR-15s, the coolest ACOG scopes and forward grips, and the most mil-spec camouflage uniforms; but spend no time learning tactics.  As they say, amateurs argue gear and professionals argue tactics.  There’s nothing wrong with getting dependable gear but if you don’t have an expert knowledge of employment, you may as well not have all that high tech gear. Those of you who spend more time on gear than learning how to use it, just remember that by purchasing all this gear, you (in reality or fantasy) are expecting to out shoot those who shoot for a living.  As I wrote above, many of you will stay in fantasy mode even when the rest of us needs you.  For the rest of you, get with a reputable training organization and keep your brothers sharp – physically, mentally, spiritually, and morally.”

I fully agree. We do not need the tacticool guys,all the latest gear will not do anyone any good if they don’t know how to use,and don’t train with it. Matt Bracken depicts them well…


One thing I have noticed over the years is that there are a few basic things that are pushed by every guy who’s providing training.

Test your gear-in the field-set up the way you plan on using it. Do this prior to attending anyone’s class.

Don’t buy cheap shit-buy the best quality gear you can afford,there are very,very few exceptions to this.

Keep yourself in the best physical shape you possibly can. Have an exercise program and stick with it.

Hike with your gear,set up the way you plan on using it. Work out all the bugs now,while you have the time to do it,and be sure your gear is set up properly,and tested before you show up for anyone’s class. Don’t waste the instructors time,and don’t slow the whole class down because you didn’t take the time to set up your gear properly,and field test it.

If you are new to shooting A-R or A-K platform rifles,practice,take a basic class if you need to,do whatever you have to do to learn to safely run your rifle.

Do this before you enroll in any combat rifle courses,at worst,you could shoot someone due to your not knowing how to use your new rifle, at best,you will just slow the rest of the class down.

Learn how to safely operate any firearm you plan on using in any class long before you enroll in the class.

Study any recommended course material well in advance of the course,don’t just skim over any required reading at the last minute,you owe it to yourself,the others in the class,and the instructors to know the material! This isn’t some homework assignment from Mrs. Crabtree’s 7th grade social studies class.This goes for any classes-not just the firearms classes. Learn the material,when everyone in a class knows the material-everyone in the class will learn more,because the instructors will be able to spend far less time on the basics,and you may get the chance to learn more than what is in the course description.

The main things to remember here are that as a part of the III you owe it to your family,your fellow III’s,and yourself to learn as much as you can from all the guys/groups providing training,to have all your gear tested and all bugs worked out long before you attend a class,to hump your gear in the field,exercise as much as possible,including humping all of your gear in the field-(with the possible exception of your firearms,depending on your AO)-you absolutely must know safe firearms handling prior to enrolling in any patrolling,combat rifle,or SUT courses.

You do not want to be one of the tacticool guys,a colonel of corn*,or one of the deserters,so do the following…




Do More PT !

Then consider joining the III Percent Society for America
As a member of the III percent society,you will receive training discounts from multiple guys,groups and orgs.




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May be some guys new to this stuff who will find it to be very useful.
I’m used to humping hunting packs and gear-huge difference…

 Something everyone should read-and understand.
You gotta hump your gear in the field,or you’ll never know if the set-up you have is gonna work-or if it sucks.

Now is the time time find out if your gear and the way you have it set up works-not when you need it,and are counting on it.





(This article is a revision of a series I wrote in the very beginning of the blog, entitled “Equipping the Guerrilla Fighter.” I have been thinking about this subject a great deal, since coming across a “prepper” manual on the subject that, while well-written, and well-intended, was poorly thought out and approached from ignorance of reality. Idealism is seldom a bad thing…unless it fails to be tempered with reality. Instead of focusing on specific items and recommendations, for the paramilitary guerrilla security force dude, or the auxiliary Home Defense guard, or even the underground operative, we’re going to approach this topic from a genuinely conceptual approach, so that anyone can look at it, from genuine Gus the Guerrilla to Polly Prepper, and figure out how to approach the issue from their own perspective and needs, with a systemic approach.

BTW–My apologies for the length. It was 22 type-written pages….J.M.)

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Someone brought up the idea of creating a pamphlet,or leaflet type thing that we in the III%/preppper/survivalist/patriot community could hand out to people to let them know we are not a bunch of crazies,and that training and prepping are just common sense.

Anyone who has any ideas for a pamphlet/leaflet please either comment here,or e-mail me at

Someone brought up the idea of creating a pamphlet,or leaflet type thing that we in the III%/preppper/survivalist/patriot community could hand out to people to let them know we are not a bunch of crazies,and that training and prepping are just common sense.

Anyone who has any ideas for a pamphlet/leaflet please either comment here,or e-mail me at

I just returned last evening from a 5 day camping trip. This was not at a campground,it was just on a piece of property on which I am given written permission to hunt,fish,camp,and target shoot on. There is no city water there is no well water,there are no restrooms,there are no showers,there’s no sink to wash pots and pans in,or dishes. Had the wife and our 16 year old nephew with us.

We had to dig a latrine- in the woods-in ground filled with hard rocks and tree roots.

There is a nice lake on the property,fed from several small streams,some natural springs–and farm field runoff. Carrying water,filtering it twice,then boiling it and treating again with bleach is a lot of work.

So is cutting down dead trees-of which there are a hell of a lot-as the emerald ash borer-another invasive species from China-has killed every mature ash tree on the property.

After felling the trees,they have to be cut into logs,then the logs have to be split for firewood for the fire to cook on,boil water on,and sit around in the evenings.

We cut split and stack hickory for our cooking fires along with the ash.

Besides that-I humped a bunch of camo burlap and wooden stakes that have been spray painted a sort of camo pattern,twine,zip-ties, a 3# mallet, a folding saw,hand pruners,and a hatchet-along with a half dozen mineral blocks to insure the deer herd on the property stays healthy- into the woods either in my pack,or strapped to it.

Then set up a half dozen hunting blinds for the upcoming deer season.

Then there was the better part of a day spent cutting grass and weedwhacking the 500′ long dam that makes the lake possible,along with clearing a bunch of Russian olive brush that some dumb ass in the USDA decided made great windbreaks for farms back in the aftermath of the dust bowl-idiots-the shit spreads everywhere.

I did have some help in our camp-the wife took care of a lot of the cooking,and clean-up,the kid helped with the firewood,and hauling water. On day 3 our kid and her boyfriend showed up,so that meant lots more time for target shooting,which we did a lot of,even shot a couple boxes of clays.

I had started working out 5 days a week recently rather than the 3 days I had been doing-should have been working out 5 days a week the entire year-3 days a week simply is not enough-now imagine rather than just camping,clearing brush,felling trees,cutting them into logs,and splitting/stacking firewood,hauling and purifying water,we had to worry about people trying to attack us to take our supplies,and we had more than just the 5 people to feed and provide water for-and it was winter time in NE Ohio…


We just did this shit in the summer-and it took a hell of a lot out of me-even tired out the kid and nephew.

If you had to do this type of stuff every day-just to survive-and you don’t exercise much-you ain’t gonna make it-period. It would kill you,you would be so sore,and so tired,it would take everything you had just to keep the food,water,and firewood stocked up-you would have nothing left if you had to fight off attackers trying to take your shit-

They would just kill your out of shape ass and take your shit- kill your family-or maybe keep your wife and daughters for sex slaves-hell maybe even your young sons for sex slaves nowadays…

Think about that last sentence for a minute…


Still think there’s no reason for you get up off the couch,out of the laz-e-boy recliner,or up from the computer chair????


Do you know whether or not you can hit a target at 300 yds when you are out of breath? Hell-can you hit a target at any range after some strenuous exercise?

Try it-I’ll bet one hell of lot of the prepper community can’t hit a target at 100 yds after doing just 25 push-ups.

Been paying attention to the news? See all the bullshit that’s going on?

Still think you have time to get in shape? Just working out ain’t gonna cut it-you have to hump your gear in the woods and fields-you have to target practice for real-world scenarios.

If you need to take a class to learn how to do these things take a class-there’s plenty of guys offering training-Max,Mason Dixon,Mosby,DTG,look at the “blogs I follow” on left side of the page-while you’re looking at it-check out the III% Society-when you join-you get training discounts from those I mentioned,plus some others.

Don’t forget about comms,or intel-try Guerrillamerica for intel info,there’s plenty of guys offering comms info on the ‘net as well-don’t forget about the III% Society,and the training discounts offered by the groups I mentioned,and many more – that alone makes joining worthwhile.

Remember the sentence about how they would just kill your out of shape ass and take your shit?

You can still change the outcome of that scenario-but not by sitting on your ass,or buying more gear,or more freeze dried food, or more ammo,or more tacticool shit–you have to train,you have to have a team,group,tribe,neighbor hood protection team-whatever-you ain’t gonna make on your own,and you ain’t gonna make unless you train.






Do more PT !




Caching Supplies

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Like the Boy Scout motto says-be prepared!

You should have caches of supplies hidden along your E&E routes,and around your home,or your retreat in the boonies.

The supplies should consist of medical supplies to restock your IFAK,and some additional wound treatment supplies,along with food,water,spare weapons, ammo,clothing,spare assault pack and ruck.

Depending on where you live-you can bury a lot of stuff in the ground. A 5 gallon bucket holds a little over 30# of rice-that can sustain a lot of people for a few day-or a few people for much longer.

Medical supplies can be stored in sections of 6″ PVC pipe with end caps-there are threaded end caps and adapters available so you can cut the pipe to whatever length you need.

Ammo can be stored in the PVC,5 gallon buckets w lids,or military grade ammo cans.

Supplies in your cache (s) should also include some basic tools-gun cleaning kit,solvent and gun oil,gunsmithing tools,maps and compass,knives,axes,hatchets,magnesium block and striker for starting fires,paracord,tarps,batteries for scopes,GPS,rangefinders,radios,wipes,and personal hygiene items,clean clothes-especially socks and underwear.

You should also have some water in your caches.

When you place whatever it is you are burying-or hiding under rocks-or whatever you have to do in your AO-in the container that it’s going to be stored in,open up an oxygen absorber or two-even three depending on how much you have in the container-all those hand and body warmers you see at the checkout in wally world are oxygen absorbers-just open them up-shake them,to be sure the iron powder is mixed up well-then place in the container just before putting the lid on it.

Food items-like rice,pasta,flour,sugar,salt,etc do not spoil when there’s no oxygen-steel and iron items don’t rust when there’s no oxygen.

The idea behind having s supply cache is that if for whatever reason, you have to dump all your gear-you have a place to go and resupply.

Your caches should be in hard to get to places-that way there’s less chance of others finding your cache.The farther out of the way your cache is,the better the chances that no one else finds it.Plus no one will be able to see you as you resupply.

There’s the PT thing again-you have to be in shape-be able to go get supplies from your cache-which is far away from the routes others travel-and do so undetected.

When SHTF-there’s almost zero chance that you are going to be staying in one place for long-you have to have supplies stashed along every possible E&E route- around your residence,and your bug out location.

You have to walk the trails/routes that others travel in your area,so you can choose a cache location that’s away from normal routes-the PT thing again-walk the trails carrying your full ruck.

You don’t want to find out that you can’t get to your cache when wearing your EDC plus ruck-choose your locations when you have all that shit on-it would really suck to find out it takes you an extra 10 minutes to get to your ammo cache when you have people trying to kill you closing in on you.

Having a lot of supplies cached is just common sense-the idea is to survive the coming collapse.





Do more PT !



Someone told me about this guy,which I had forgotten about,then I saw his truck on the road earlier.

Seems to be a great training program-for a very reasonable price.
Check out the Q&A,and the “About Us” parts of the site,it’s not your typical self-defense,or martial arts training course.

The instructor is a USMC vet,with many years of training experience in combatives and firearms.



I have not taken any of the courses,nor do I know anyone who has.

If anyone has taken any of these courses,please let me know.