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Mosby-Building Tribe: Kith, Kin, and Sacrifice

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“Tribes, and the bands that make up those tribes are—historically and prehistorically—composed of a physical and spiritual extension of the family. In European cultures this is referred to with some derivation of the Germanic term “folk.” To use another traditional European term (I am after all, of very European descent), your folk are your “kith and kin.” While it will undoubtedly incite the angst of the white power organizations, despite my use of Euro-centric terminology, this is not about race, contrary to their blatherings otherwise.

“Kin,” as anyone raised in the Southern Highlands as I was, can tell you, means “family.” These are—obviously—those people related to you by blood. “Kith” on the other hand, is somewhat more complicated, because it is so often misused by those with a political agenda. According to the Merrian-Webster dictionary, kith refers to “familiar friends and neighbors.” It is Middle English, cognate of the Old English, or Anglo-Saxon, word cythth, meaning “known.”

Thus, your tribe composed of your “kith and kin,” has nothing to do with everyone who shares your national heritage, or even your race. It is your known friends, neighbors, and family. This is critically important, as we discuss neo-tribalism, in the sense of building and forging self-reliant communities. Most native English speakers will be familiar with the proverb, “blood is thicker than water.” The problem is, the common, contemporary understanding of that term is completely inverted. The original verbiage of the proverb was “the blood of the oath is thicker than the water of the womb.” It actually meant the EXACT OPPOSITE of what we commonly use it to reference.”

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The Sniper Insurgent

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Got the link to this one from WRSA…

“The “specially trained sniper” is either someone school trained to be a sniper, or someone who has moved up from “skilled marksman” to sniper (such as Simo Haya, Vasily Zaitsev or Carlos Hathcock). In the case of Simo Haya it was clearly the school of hard knocks, in Zaitsev’s case it was battlefield promotion, and in Hathcock’s case it was part of the USMC standing up a new sniper school. The Iraqi sniper, “Juba” is someone I consider to be a trained sniper, although I do not know where he got his training. My best guess is either Chechen or Iranian instructors, but that is just a guess.”

While on the subject of snipers and sniper insurgents,along with America’s 20 million deer hunters…

Do you know where your deer rifle hits the target beyond 300 yards?

At any distance greater than a 50 yard indoor range?

Now would be a good time to find out-and make any adjustments necessary,

Then practice,practice,practice-then practice some more.


Learn Train.

Do more PT !

A Sheriff Who Gets It !

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“Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis of Maryland didn’t mince words when describing his support of the Second Amendment and what gun rights mean to him.

Here are some of the sheriff’s comments,

“I made a vow and a commitment,” Lewis said. “As long as I am sheriff of this county, I will not allow the federal government to come in here and strip my citizens of the right to bear arms.”

“[W]e do not need to strip law abiding citizens of their Second Amendment right to bear arms. That I get upset over. I really do.”

“As sheriff, I WILL NOT allow the federal government to come in here and strip my citizens of the right to bear arms.”


“I can tell you this,” Lewis said, “if they attempt to do that, it will be an all-out civil war. No question about it.”

Well, I think Sheriff Lewis’ stance is pretty clear on the issue.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of elected sheriffs across the country have come out in support of private gun rights over the last 2 years. Elected sheriffs seem to be much more amiable to gun rights than appointed police chiefs.


[Video] Maryland Sheriff Says If Feds Tried to Take Citizens Guns It Would be All Out Civil War




One of the most misguided,uninformed pieces of anti-gun tripe I’ve read in years…

Using the VPC as a credible source-that’s laughable.

Benjamin Studebaker

The recent clashes between demonstrators and police forces in Ferguson, Missouri over the death of Michael Brown at the hands of police forces has many calling into question the slow, steady rate at which police forces in the United States have become militarized. If we want to stop and potentially reverse this trend, we need to understand its underlying cause–the simultaneous militarization of the civilian population.

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Someone brought up the idea of creating a pamphlet,or leaflet type thing that we in the III%/preppper/survivalist/patriot community could hand out to people to let them know we are not a bunch of crazies,and that training and prepping are just common sense.

Anyone who has any ideas for a pamphlet/leaflet please either comment here,or e-mail me at

Someone brought up the idea of creating a pamphlet,or leaflet type thing that we in the III%/preppper/survivalist/patriot community could hand out to people to let them know we are not a bunch of crazies,and that training and prepping are just common sense.

Anyone who has any ideas for a pamphlet/leaflet please either comment here,or e-mail me at

This guy is totally clueless about not only the second amendment,but firearms as well.
he believes that A-R’s are the same weapons our guys use in combat-where do they find these uneducated dolts?

I just returned last evening from a 5 day camping trip. This was not at a campground,it was just on a piece of property on which I am given written permission to hunt,fish,camp,and target shoot on. There is no city water there is no well water,there are no restrooms,there are no showers,there’s no sink to wash pots and pans in,or dishes. Had the wife and our 16 year old nephew with us.

We had to dig a latrine- in the woods-in ground filled with hard rocks and tree roots.

There is a nice lake on the property,fed from several small streams,some natural springs–and farm field runoff. Carrying water,filtering it twice,then boiling it and treating again with bleach is a lot of work.

So is cutting down dead trees-of which there are a hell of a lot-as the emerald ash borer-another invasive species from China-has killed every mature ash tree on the property.

After felling the trees,they have to be cut into logs,then the logs have to be split for firewood for the fire to cook on,boil water on,and sit around in the evenings.

We cut split and stack hickory for our cooking fires along with the ash.

Besides that-I humped a bunch of camo burlap and wooden stakes that have been spray painted a sort of camo pattern,twine,zip-ties, a 3# mallet, a folding saw,hand pruners,and a hatchet-along with a half dozen mineral blocks to insure the deer herd on the property stays healthy- into the woods either in my pack,or strapped to it.

Then set up a half dozen hunting blinds for the upcoming deer season.

Then there was the better part of a day spent cutting grass and weedwhacking the 500′ long dam that makes the lake possible,along with clearing a bunch of Russian olive brush that some dumb ass in the USDA decided made great windbreaks for farms back in the aftermath of the dust bowl-idiots-the shit spreads everywhere.

I did have some help in our camp-the wife took care of a lot of the cooking,and clean-up,the kid helped with the firewood,and hauling water. On day 3 our kid and her boyfriend showed up,so that meant lots more time for target shooting,which we did a lot of,even shot a couple boxes of clays.

I had started working out 5 days a week recently rather than the 3 days I had been doing-should have been working out 5 days a week the entire year-3 days a week simply is not enough-now imagine rather than just camping,clearing brush,felling trees,cutting them into logs,and splitting/stacking firewood,hauling and purifying water,we had to worry about people trying to attack us to take our supplies,and we had more than just the 5 people to feed and provide water for-and it was winter time in NE Ohio…


We just did this shit in the summer-and it took a hell of a lot out of me-even tired out the kid and nephew.

If you had to do this type of stuff every day-just to survive-and you don’t exercise much-you ain’t gonna make it-period. It would kill you,you would be so sore,and so tired,it would take everything you had just to keep the food,water,and firewood stocked up-you would have nothing left if you had to fight off attackers trying to take your shit-

They would just kill your out of shape ass and take your shit- kill your family-or maybe keep your wife and daughters for sex slaves-hell maybe even your young sons for sex slaves nowadays…

Think about that last sentence for a minute…


Still think there’s no reason for you get up off the couch,out of the laz-e-boy recliner,or up from the computer chair????


Do you know whether or not you can hit a target at 300 yds when you are out of breath? Hell-can you hit a target at any range after some strenuous exercise?

Try it-I’ll bet one hell of lot of the prepper community can’t hit a target at 100 yds after doing just 25 push-ups.

Been paying attention to the news? See all the bullshit that’s going on?

Still think you have time to get in shape? Just working out ain’t gonna cut it-you have to hump your gear in the woods and fields-you have to target practice for real-world scenarios.

If you need to take a class to learn how to do these things take a class-there’s plenty of guys offering training-Max,Mason Dixon,Mosby,DTG,look at the “blogs I follow” on left side of the page-while you’re looking at it-check out the III% Society-when you join-you get training discounts from those I mentioned,plus some others.

Don’t forget about comms,or intel-try Guerrillamerica for intel info,there’s plenty of guys offering comms info on the ‘net as well-don’t forget about the III% Society,and the training discounts offered by the groups I mentioned,and many more – that alone makes joining worthwhile.

Remember the sentence about how they would just kill your out of shape ass and take your shit?

You can still change the outcome of that scenario-but not by sitting on your ass,or buying more gear,or more freeze dried food, or more ammo,or more tacticool shit–you have to train,you have to have a team,group,tribe,neighbor hood protection team-whatever-you ain’t gonna make on your own,and you ain’t gonna make unless you train.






Do more PT !




gamegetterII bowkodiak bowhorton x bow


Pic on top left is a Hoyt GamegetterII compound bow-old school,made in the mid 80’s or so.

Right pic is a 55# draw Bear Kodiak Magnum recurve bow,made in mid 70’s

Bottom pic is Horton Summit 150 crossbow-made about 2007 or so-it sucks that Horton went under,at least they were bought by Tenpoint crossbow,another Ohio company.


To get into archery today is expensive-if you buy new bow,quiver,sight/scope,and arrow rest,arrows,etc.

Unless you’ve got a lot of $$$ I would get used stuff,many archery shops sell used bows,pawn shops are another good source,as is the ‘net, and garage sales-if you have the time for that kind of thing.

If you do find a good used bow-of any kind-take it to an archery shop,or a gander Mtn,Bass Pro,Cabela’s etc. and have them put a new string on it for you,put a peep sight in the string,check the bow out to make sure it’s ok mechanically,and check the draw weight if it’s a compound-have them adjust it for you if it’s too easy to draw-or too hard…you’re doing PT every day,so it shouldn’t be too hard to draw,right?

The other thing you need is a target-bales of straw will simply not stop arrows from compound bows,or crossbow bolts.

A black hole,or similar foam target is the best target to use.

The easiest bow to learn to shoot is the crossbow,due to it’s similarity to a rifle. It’s also got the shortest amount of training time to be accurate enough to hunt-or defend yourself and property with.

All you need is the crossbow-bolts-that’s what crossbow arrows are actually called-and some target tips for each bolt. get your target tips in the same weight as your broadheads so when it’s time to shoot the broadheads you won’t have much adjustment to make to your sight/scope.

If you don’t have much arm and upper body strength,you can get a crossbow cocking device,that’s a rope and some pulleys,so it reduces the effort to pull the string back by half.

You shouldn’t need one of these because you ARE doing PT every day,right?

There’s not much maintenance to a crossbow,you’ll need string wax,which you need for any bow-some light machine oil for the cams,and some rail lube,which is generally some type of silicone. The rail is the part where the bolt is placed to load the bow,and where the bolt rides as it’s pushed by the string.

You should be able to hit the target from 10 yards,from there,adjust your pins on your sight,or the windage and elevation on your scope so at 10 yards,your bolts hit about 1 1/2″ high,then move to 20 yards,and using the same pin to aim with,your bolts should hit the bullseye,or very close to it.

I use a rear peep sight on my crossbow,scopes work great,I just prefer the pins,as you can see them for about 10 minutes longer than you can see through a scope in the evening.

Then shoot at 30 yards,using your 2nd pin,which should be placed right under your first pin-if you need your bolts to hit higher,move the pin up,if the need them to hit lower,move the pin down.

Once your are hitting where you should be at 30 yards,adjust your pin so you hit about 1 1/2″ high,then move back and shoot from 40 yards,your arrows should be right on the bullseye.

Put your 3rd pin just below the 2nd one,move back to 50 yards,adjust the pin so you are hitting about 1 1/2″ high.Then move back to 60 yards,and adjust the 3rd pin if you need to.

By sighting in this way-your first pin-the top one,is for shots from 10-20 yards,second pin is for 30-40 yards,and 3rd pin is for 50-60 yards.

Crossbows are accurate well beyond 50 yards,however,I will not shoot a deer beyond 40-50 yards,as there’s just too much chance for error,which could lead to you making a bad shot,and wounding a deer that you are not able to recover.

The compound bow is sighted in pretty much the same way,I only use 3 pins,and I use a peep sight on the string,there are sights available with 5 or even 7 pins,but I feel those are for target shooting only,the 3 pin system is better for hunting,and if need be-self/home defense.

Set your first pin for 10-20,2nd pin from 30-40,and 3rd pin from 40-50.

50 yards is about max hunting range for an older compound,which is what I use,the newer ones can effectively kill deer at 60-70 yards.


Arrows/bolts-when you buy them,don’t get junk. You don’t need top of the line real expensive stuff-get mid price range. The boxes they come in all have charts that tell you what arrow/bolt for what draw weight bow. Get your arrows cut to your draw length-the archery tech will measure your draw length for you-crossbow bolts go by the length that your bow is made for 20″ or 22″.


There are hundreds of different broadheads available for hunting,talk to friends,ask the archery tech,research it online-whatever you want to do-I use 125 grain NAP Thunderheads,they are a 3 blade fixed broadhead,with replaceable blades,and carbide tips-I have never had one not go all the way through a deer,had one go all the way through an elk once too. They work,they have always done the job for me,I see no reason to change.

You will need a broadhead wrench,they are only a few $$$,and it beats slicing the shit out of your fingers putting the broadheads on the arrows with no wrench.


The recurve bow is a whole ‘nother animal,it takes a hell of a lot of practice to become good with one. You can use a peep on the string,and a sight with pins,but many people shoot instinctively,using no sights.

A recurve bow is a good thing to have-for a just in case situation. It is possible to make arrows for a recurve,something that’s just not possible with a crossbow or compound,due to the speeds the bows shoot arrows/bolts at.

I do not believe it’s possible to explain how to shoot a recurve bow,it’s something that you need to learn face to face.


That pretty much covers the basics-at some point,I’ll do a more in depth post,and add some videos to help show how it’s done.




Do more PT.


Getting started with firearms.

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 Most of you know by now that the people in charge of the government and financial institutions are not doing a real good job of creating any kind of recovery from the market meltdown, and are well on their way to creating  the next, new and improved version of economic collapse.
This one is most likely gonna be a lot worse,and last a lot longer!
I don’t remember where I copied the pic below from-it does have the guys site on it,so he still gets credit for the pic.
I’m going to go over the firearms stuff from the beginning-as in so those new to firearms shooting,and hunting can learn a few things-those who are already at an advanced stage in training don’t really need any of this info,but those who are new need to learn.
You will need to have more than 1 firearm,at the minimum,you need a rifle,shotgun,and handgun.
The rifle and shotgun are far more important.
You are better off having more than 1 rifle,and the reason is you want a rifle that can serve as your “battle rifle” for defending your home and property.
You also will need a rifle to hunt with,if you have a place to go outside of the city.
If you talk to 25 guys about guns,you’re gonna get 25 different opinions on what guns to have.
This is my opinion,others have different opinions,no one is “right” and no one is “wrong”-different guns/combinations of guns work for different people,in different locations.
What I feel you should have is:
1) A good semi-auto rifle in either 5.56/.223 , 7.62×51/.308, or 7.62×39
2) A bolt-action rifle with a good scope in 7.62×51/.308,.300 Win Mag,30-06,.243,.270,6.5-284,6.5 Creedmore…
(the 7.62×51/.308, 30-06,and .300 Win mag are the best choices,simply due to availability of ammo,with the 7.62×51/.308 being the most common.)
3) A .22 either a good bolt-action,or a semi-auto like the Ruger 10-22.
Personally,I would go with the 10-22 as there are lots of accessories,they are very common,and spare parts are available.
I feel everyone needs to have at least 2 shotguns, a good pump or semi-auto,and a single shot or double barrel for a back-up,because a pump or semi-auto has more moving parts-that means more shit can break,and replacement parts may not be available at all in an extended SHTF situation-unless you have a house somewhere waaay out in the boonies with a complete machine shop,and your own source of power.
Gauge is up to you,most people believe the 12 gauge is far more powerful that the 20 gauge.
Fact is,the 12 just isn’t all that much more powerful, Field&Stream magazine did an article on shotguns recently which covered this issue-bottom line is a 20 gauge is powerful enough,and has a hell of a lot less recoil.
This one has even more differing opinions that there are concerning rifles…
get something that fits your hands,is not too heavy,or too big,or too small.
Semi-auto is preferred,and not some cheap off brand piece of shit made somewhere where the tolerances they machine parts to are very,very sloppy.
As with all of your firearms-you need to have a handgun that works-every time you pull the trigger.
Your handgun also has to be easy to aim,hit to the same point of impact every time-providing you are holding it exactly the same,line up the sights exactly the same,and pull the trigger exactly the same way.
If you are defending yourself in battle in some SHTF scenario-and you are down to using your handgun-you are already in deep shit-so you had better be able to count on the handgun.
Your rifles:
The semi-auto that you choose is up to you-there’s lots of options.
My first choice would be to get an A-R platform rifle for several reasons,the magazines fit all A-R’s,so you can borrow a mag if need be, a lot of parts are interchangeable,once you learn to run the gun,you can pick up an A-R and be able to use it,and shoot accurately-plus the ammo is reasonable priced,does not weigh as much as 7.62×51/.308,0r .30-06, so you can carry a lot more.
You can pick up a brand new Bushmaster for $700.00-$800.00
You can also get an A-R in other calibers than 5.56/.223.
 The A-K-47 is pretty much indestructable,but it’s not all that accurate, has a horrible trigger,and it’s heavy-unless you make some improvements to it.
Ammo for the A-K-47  (7.62×39) is plentiful and inexpensive
The A-K-74 is the “new” (mid 70’s),improved version of the A-K-47,it uses 5.45×39 ammo.
There’s nothing wrong with the A-K’s,other than you have to make improvements to them,and the ammo is less common than the 5.56/.223 that the A-R’s use,and parts will become real hard to find real quick in any extended SHTF scenario.
Most guys have A-R’s and that’s another reason to stick with the platform,lots of parts,lots of ammo,everyone already knows how to shoot everyone else’s rifle.
Bolt action with good scope-
Again,I would stick with what’s common,7.62×51/.308,30-06,.300 Win mag. 7.62×51/.308 is the most common,as it’s a NATO round.
Just don’t get some cheap garbage rifle-you get what you pay for.
You can still get a rifle that is dependable and very accurate for about the same cost as a lower price range A-R.
I like Savage bolt-actions-the company went through a period where they were producing junk-that was resolved,and now they are making very,very accurate bolt-action rifles,many come with their Accutrigger-which is a user adjustable trigger,some of their upper mid price,and high price rifles have what they call the Accustock,which allows for perfect adjustment of stock to receiver and barrel fit,which improves accuracy.
My brother has a savage 110 in .30-06, I have a model 11 in .308-both rifles can put a 5 shot string into a 3″ bullseye at 300 yards,and are capable of holding that minute of angle or less accuracy out to longer ranges-neither of us have a scope that’s much good beyond 300 yards…either that,or we’re both getting old,and our eyesight is going…
A word about scopes-a cheap scope is just that-cheap,and it will fog up,the crosshair wire(in cheap scopes) will break,the windage and elevation adjustments wil stop working,it won’t hold a zero,etc,etc.
Example-a mid-priced savage bolt-action is $700-800.00 or so-the scope should cost that much at a minimum-no sense buying a good rifle and putting some junk scope from wally-world on it-you wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars restoring an old muscle car-then put one of today’s 6 cylinder engines in it would you?
The .22,preferably the Ruger 10-22.
Same thing as with the A-R platform rifle-there’s millions of them out there,there’s a plethora of aftermarket parts,and they all operate the same,so anyone can pick up their buddy’s rifle and already know how to use it.
That,and you can feed yourself and your family, group or tribe with it,it’s not super loud like a 5.56 or .308,and can kill rabbits,squirrels,even a feral hog with the right shot.
I prefer a 1911 style in .45 APC, with a revolver as a back-up in either .357 mag,or ,44 mag.
However-the problem with my choices is ammo,as those are not commonly issued to law enforcement,and are not military calibers,ammo will become very scarce,very fast.
I would recommend  sticking with a 9mm,not a cheap piece of shit,something like a Beretta,Sig-Sauer,Smith&Wesson,or Glock-if you’ve got a few extra bucks.
One last point to make-as this already getting way too long-all these weapons can be purchased used at gun shops,pawn shops,gun shows-take a friend who is knowledgeable about firearms with you,and you can find some great deals-that means more money for ammo.
My past firearms articles…
Do more PT.